Imelda needs…

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for Whatever takes my fancy.  (And no, the picture is not what takes my fancy: it’s my reaction to what’s below…)

Today it is one from the vault.  A few years ago, among my mates, anyway, there was a craze for Googling your first name, followed by the word ‘needs’ and seeing what came up.

I don’t know how this worked for other people, but on the day I did it, it was as if the interwebs were trying to tell me something.  Regard:

Imelda needs an army and an elderly husband behind her to get anything done.
Apparently I am the origin of the question, ‘you and who’s army?’

Imelda needs a loan of US $225
Well, natch – who doesn’t?

Imelda needs a loan for $8000 MXN
This is getting silly now.  What’s with all the money-grubbing, all of a sudden?

Imelda needs to develop discipline and patience in order to achieve her aspirations
Okay, now it’s a little creepy.  Do you actually know me, Google?

And following that one, this one immediately after it made me completely lose it…

Imelda needs to write soft porn bodice ripper novels
Google has spoken! nuff said!

Imelda needs to be disciplined
Put this together with the previous two and one beverage alert is just not enough…

Imelda needs financial support
Until she starts selling the soft porn, anyway…

Imelda needs new shoes
Again, with the ‘doesn’t everybody?’

“But Imelda needs those shoes
Alright, already, I get it!  New shoes!

Miss Imelda needs to come a-knockin’ on Scotland’s door.
And now, for something completely different…

It’s silly!  It’s pointless!  But amusing… at least to me.

Do yours! Go on, you know you want to…

Tell me what you find! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Imelda needs…

  1. Oh I loved doing this! LOL

    My friend Miranda needs your help!

    Miranda needs a real update function (Does google know how long it’s been since I last updated my derivative fiction?)

    Miranda needs psychological help. (Well duh! And what’s with all this help!?)

    Miranda needs to come over again. (Where?)

    Miranda needs a hobby (I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head).

    Miranda needs a share in Chicago. (I LOVE Chicago!)

    Miranda needs a margarita. (Now THIS is what I’m talking about!)

    • That’s what I’M talking about! So, it’s margaritas in Chicago with the psychologists for you, then? Hehehe! Can I come too? I’ll pay with the proceeds of the bodice-rippers!

    • Poor thing indeed! For all her success, I am glad I am not she… It doesn’t work so well if you have the same name as someone famous. Oh well. We’ll just have to get you to be more famous and then it will be fun for different reasons! 😉

  2. Wow it is amusing, here’s the first five I got:
    1) Raina need to tighten up: Vengsarkar – The Times of India
    2) Sweet Raina Needs a Home 4 22 12 – YouTube
    3) Raina Needs A Break – YouTube (I DO!!!)
    4) Raina needs to improve (Lot of improvements needs to be done: Raina | Video | Cricket …)
    5) Raina needs a BF (RaInA nEeDs A bF OPEN – YouTube) OH BOY, now the virtual world is really telling me……

  3. Susan needs to understand that she needs to be building up her language … The next question that Susan needs to ask herself is this : Is my goal realistic?

    Susan needs some prayers.

    Susan’s new role as editor of the Erinsborough News places her health in jeopardy

    Susan went into premature labor late last night and has been in the hospital.

    Susan needs to know who she is …

    Okay – now I know I have an identity crisis! Amnesiac editor whose language skills aren’t up to the task, out on a limb, flying on a wing and a prayer…
    Hey thanks, Imelda. That was FUN!

    • Glad you enjoyed it! You left out heavily pregnant, though… You did get a good set, didn’t you? Love a bit of silliness to brighten up the middle of the week. Thanks for playing!

  4. This was a mega wicked post, thanks Imelda! Gave me a giggle before I waltzed into work. Not much came up for “Mr. Wapojif needs…” for some odd reason. Hmmmm…. maybe if you buy those shoes then my Google wish list will appear. This is what I would like:

    1 – Fat free cheese which tastes as good as full fat cheese,
    2 – Chewing gum which doens’t go rubbish and horrible afer 30 seconds. Not that I chew gum. But it would be a good invention.
    3 – A cheese sandwich right now as I didn’t get much for breakfast,
    4 – Dancing lessons so I could do a good waltz.
    5 – Cornflakes that don’t go soggy.

    • Can’t help you on the fat-free cheese or the cornflakes – they’re urban legends. Will never be real. Possibly the same for the gum. Don’t know as I don’t use it either. The cheese sandwich I would happily supply, were I nearer and, should you ever be in Melbourne, Mr W, I will happily teach you to waltz! 1 out of 5 aint bad!

  5. Much like Kylie, I have a *famous* name –
    1. Serena needs a bra! (Serena Williams, that is)
    It seems that Serena Williams needs a bra quite urgently because
    2. Serena Williams needs a bra from Katie Price’s line. (I wonder if she’d wear a Genie Bra?)
    3.Serena Williams needs more criticism
    4. Serena Williams needs surgery
    5. Serena Williams needs apologize

    I daresay Serena – we’re on a first name basis you know – might dispute needing any of those, well maybe the surgery…
    Great fun. Thanks, Imelda!

    • Gee, people are cheeky, aren’t they? Imagine telling someone with a right arm like Serena’s what she needs to wear? They might be the ones needing surgery, if she gets wind of it! (Although I’m sure she’s quite lovely and would never hit anyone really.) But still, the cheek! Glad you had fun, you and your famous namesake!

  6. This started off well with Ana needs a dress, Ana needs financial help but then my 4rth says “my friend Ana needs to die”. I don’t think I like this game anymore 🙂

  7. Rita needs a place to stay, I don’t think so… Rita needs more Dexter time!? Even though she never watched Dexter… Rita needs to go away, maybe… This is funny Imelda!!!

  8. I’m so so late… but you might get a laugh…

    Catherine needs… to get laid.

    I kid you not. Cracked me up 🙂

    Thanks for my laugh!

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