mango-6The most wonderful Resa McConaghy, costume designer of fabulousness designed a dress inspired by Rules are for Breaking.  I don’t think I have ever been more flattered and delighted by anything.  Please go and have a look and tell her how gorgeous it is!imelda2-a

And then she did it again, for Playing by the Rules!  I don’t deserve her, but to have inspired someone of such talent and skill is a huge honour.

It’s a very small thank you, but I have named the heroine in the romance I’m working on after her…


My lovely publishers at Destiny Romance (a digital-first imprint of Penguin Australia) filmed an interview with me about my novel, Rules are for Breaking, among other things.  Here it is:

I’m also fortunate enough to have been invited to do some interviews and guest posts about Rules are for Breaking around the blogosphere.  Thank you so much to all my hostesses, you are graciousness itself and I appreciate the opportunity!

I was ‘baled up’ in Jenn J McLeod’s Author Harvest

I basked in the Author Spotlight on the Romance Writers of Australia blog

I wrote a guest post about setting and my love affair with real estate on the Lovecats Downunder

I shared some recipes and my love affair with easy, tasty food on Cathryn Hein’s Friday Feast.

I spoke to my author buddy Eleni Konstantine about why I write Romance and why I think it’s important for the world.


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