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  1. That was so funny-and possibly true! It would be so funny if there were tons of authors out there with partners/friends/family hiding bozes and boxes of books from them! Hmmm…….I’m just off to check my sales rankings now……they seem to be picking up! 😀

  2. Skimmed over it (a very massive post) but it confirms what was already annoying me – people promoting their books on Twitter. Anyone can now self-publish regardless of how naff their book might be. I sent an excerpt of my book (available in all good bookshelves priced 30p under the title Spot The Dog And The Nuclear Warhead – PLEASE BUT IT! Visit my site here; http://www.spotthedogandthenuclearwarhead.com or on Twitter: @NuclearWarhead) to my friend being genuinely self-deprecating, as some writers are, and she said (this isn’t verbatim), “Ah, yes, the writer is cursed with modesty and a hatred of their work.” Yet, judging from Twitter, most of these new authors are in love with their books and their abilities. Their shameless self-promotion won’t budge me into reading a full novel titled, “The Majestic Trees of Love”, no doubt replete with a cover of a sweeping lake, itself replete with mist rolling over it. End statement.

    • Funny, your link didn’t seem to work… wonder why? 😉

      I don’t mind people promoting their stuff on the Twitter. You have to get the word out somehow. But constant self-promotion, without the slightest hint of humility, is wearing. Be proud, sure. But don’t turn into a boring person, just because you have a book to promote, or you will lose me faster than Spot is about to lose his nose.

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