Coming Soon

So what am I working on now?

I know, it’s been a while since my last book came out.  That wasn’t quite the plan, but as I have discovered, this creative life doesn’t always run to plan.

You see, I finished a book last year that I hoped would be the start of a new direction for me.  It was a good story (I thought), involving Holly, my opera-singing heroine, high drama, low comedy, a hunky policeman, at least one loaded gun and a group of women, thrust together in circumstances none of them expect, up to their eyeballs in trouble and increasingly relying on each other to get them all out.

Unfortunately, when it was done, while it certainly did have some good elements, as a whole, it wasn’t quite good enough.  And I didn’t want to let loose a story that wasn’t good enough.  I don’t have legions of readers, but the ones I have deserve better than that.

So I started 2014 at a bit of a loose end and very much from scratch.  And apparently, from a standing start, I’m a bit slower to get to the finish line than I would have hoped!

The upside is that I’ve felt as though I could (and perhaps should) try some new things.  The result is that I now have three projects part-finished: a new romance (which I hope will be both funny and touching), a new story starring Holly Hawthorne, my opera-singing trouble-magnet and a story based on an old classic for teenagers.

The challenge now is to get all of them from part- to fully-finished!  I hope to have some news on that front by the end of the year.

So there are a few things in the pipeline.  If you’d like to keep up with what I’m doing, you can subscribe to my blog, where I post updates, or if you would like to subscribe to my newsletter (which I will only send when I have news, I promise) you can send me a message here.

Thanks for taking an interest in my writing!  I hope you like it.

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