Paul Kelly and Shakespeare: Be still my beating heart

Astute readers will notice it has been a while between drinks on the old Wine, Women and Wordplay.  That’s because the woman (me) has had an… interesting… year.

But lately, I’ve been feeling better (yay!) and last night, I discovered something exists that makes me very happy indeed.  Paul Kelly has set Shakespeare sonnets to music!  And put out an album!

As an example, take this glorious thing:

This video is a fan creation, I believe, but it’s cool and trippy, so I thought I’d include it.  If you find it too distracting, you can find the plain version on the Paul Kelly website (link above).

For those of you poor souls who haven’t come across Paul Kelly, he’s an Australian national treasure (as far as I and his legion of fans are concerned, anyway) who writes great songs, including the one below, which is one of my theme songs and which I might have to have played at my funeral.  (It makes an excellent theme song for all of us who have an inability to say no and a near-terminal case of ‘how hard can it be?’)

There’s also this anthem from my youth:

And another gorgeous thing, which I haven’t heard anywhere near enough and would actually be lovely for a funeral (since my funeral will probably be in a church, I might have to save ‘Dumb Things’ for the wake…)

And that’s just a tiny sample.  He’s been making music since 1974 and he’s not showing any signs of stopping, thank goodness!  If you aren’t familiar with his work, start now.  If you, like me, haven’t listened for a while, enjoy these to start with and go and buy some more!

I hope your year has been much duller than mine, in a good way and here’s to a quiet, lovely Christmas and new year!



8 thoughts on “Paul Kelly and Shakespeare: Be still my beating heart

    • Isn’t it great when you recognise places on the screen? When I came back from my one and only trip to New York, I kept jumping when watching movies because I recognised things! I love that, and love discovering where this performance was. I think many people have fond memories of seeing Paul Kelly live!

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