About Imelda

As a child, I was taught that books were my friends, words were wonderful and stories were what made the world go around.

Not surprisingly, I became an avid reader, and over the years, while also being a waitress, a charity worker, a promoter of environmentally friendly technology, an office manager and a desktop publisher, I’ve spent a lot of time working with words.  I got a degree in English literature, I became and still am a storyteller (in the oral tradition), I learnt how to edit, then how to write copy, and finally, I came home to writing novels.

They say you should write what you know, so I write stories about women: about their ups and downs, the men they get mixed up with, the trouble they get into and getting out again with a little help from their friends.

Some of those stories are romances, because I dearly love a happy ending and some of them are not, because in real life, not all stories end that way – although there’s always tomorrow…

When I’m not writing, I’m a wife, a mum, a volunteer, a reader, a storyteller, a blogger, a singer, a cook (who will never be on Master Chef, but is keen), a maker of cocktails, an embryonic practitioner of karate, a frequenter of hammocks and an enthusiastic talker – among other things!

I’m delighted that you’ve taken the trouble to read about me and what I’m up to.  If you’d like some more info on my published books and what I’m working on, you’ll find it under the ‘books’ on the menu, or by clicking the links in this sentence!

Feel free to stay a while, visit the Blog, or catch up with me on the other places I hang out.

25 thoughts on “About Imelda

  1. Thank you for following my blog! I am looking forward to reading yours as well. I was using my iPad on my first visit, and your site looked spectacular. How did you set it up to interact differently with the tablet reader as opposed to your standard site? I am intrigued.

    • Hi Tom! I would love to say it was my genius coding that did that, but it wasn’t. It’s an option in the WordPress dashboard. Under appearance, choose the iPad menu option and tick the box at the top. Re the cover pics, the ‘cover logo’ is the pic of me and the tree pic is the other one.

      • Ha ha, I won’t tell anyone your secret. It’s safe with me and the Internet. I don’t know if my theme can bust a move like that. I will have to take a look under the hood, or do you say bonnet in your part of the world?

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    • Thanks for letting me know, Resa. I realised when I got this that I should have emailed you first! Forgive me, I’m new at this prizes on the blog thing! I hope you enjoy the book.

      • I’m looking forward! However I’m on a project that is heating up so reading will be my absolute luxury, and my blog pals are first in line. I’m putting my Keith Richards book back on the shelf and Mayfair will be my best, unless you publish before I’m finished. At that point you will be my main reading focus.

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  4. Yo, madam, I’ve “nominated” you “for” the Beautiful Blogger Award thing after someone nominated my weird brain as worthy, too. Should you accept this then you must write a blog post listing 7 facts about you, as well as linking to bloggers you respek (no more than 7) and what have you. It’s about inspiration, cheese, sandwiches, and ham. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!


  5. Imelda!!! I have just finished reading “Rules Are For Breaking”. I love, love and .. lerv it! Thank you, and I look forward to reading your next book.
    Also, I’m getting ideas for an “Art Gown” inspired by you and all your glory.
    I’m working on a blue one for Robyn right now. After that, I want to do yours, and I am serious, I would like to ask it (you) some questions about your book.

  6. Hi – I’m looking for romance authors who live in West End Brisbane. I am planning a series of interviews for a local magazine and would like to feature romance authors. Feel free to contact me through my email address 🙂

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