Monday’s Writing Links: Or why I have a love/hate relationship with the internet

A month ago, I started to blog and get more involved with the whole social media/online writing community thing.

I love it.  I do.  I love talking about my interests, I love seeing what other people are doing, I love learning from their blog posts (so many people offering so much good stuff!) I love ‘meeting’ new friends on FB and Twitter and getting to know old ones better.

But… it can chew into the real writing time, which I really have to watch.

And there’s another issue I hadn’t expected.  A couple of times recently, I have left the house to go the shops or something equally mundane and felt like a mole or other underground thing, blinking my way into the light.  As though the physical world was a novelty.  This is a little scary.  I love my online community, but I need to nourish my real-life one too.  Maybe it’s time for a face-to-face writing group?

How do you handle the siren draw of the online world?  Please tell me, I really want to know!  But while you’re here, here are some cool writing links!

For writers who blog, a grab-bag of insights!
From Writers in the Storm, Tara Lain talks about blogging and its role in self-promotion for writers:

Roni Lauren talks about being authentic on your blog

From iWise, why blogging sucks

Query letter advice, which never goes astray!
How to write a query letter, from Agent Query

Assorted coolness
MJ Wright does great posts on writing, really useful.  Here’s an interesting one on using real people or referencing them in books:

Jennifer Mills talks gender and reality in books

A fascinating blog to follow for crime writers, especially in the US

A beautiful video on writing

A fascinating post on radically increasing your output

Just for fun, and to remind us that we’ll never be universally popular and not to mind too much, hilarious author-to-author put-downs:

And now, for something completely different, a little slice of life story that moved me:

Happy Monday and here’s to online and offline life balance!


15 thoughts on “Monday’s Writing Links: Or why I have a love/hate relationship with the internet

  1. If you find a good way to get of the internet please let me know. The only way I’ve discovered is to disconnect the modem and put it in another room, which I should do right now.

    • LOL, Keziah, I’ll let you know! I find sometimes I need to get away from the desk altogether. The coffee shop works for me, as long as I can keep the laptop alive. The latter is getting harder and harder by the day. Always something! Although if you use Firefox, you could always try Leechblock, which I realise now I should have put a link to in the post above! It’s an add-on which you can set to block certain sites during certain times or whatever. Might save you from unplugging!

  2. This really is a sticky wicket. I work in the virtual world too from my home office (not just on my blog). I make a point to get outside everyday for at least a couple of hours. It helps reenergize me and gives a fresh perspective and ideas for writing. Thanks for sharing the wonderful links to useful resources; you’re a peach!

    • Aw, shucks, Sahbina! You’re very welcome. The funny thing is that I have always worked mostly at a computer. But I think the working from home part makes the community element of social media so much more attractive and therefore absorbing and distracting. You’re right, getting outside is vital, as is talking to a non-virtual person or two. Sounds like an excuse for coffee, to me! 😉

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  4. Hey Imelda, I hear you about the real world coming as a bit of a shock after being shackled to the comp. Balance and not checking back at twitter every ten minutes is something I’m trying to attain. Far too addictive…

    • I think it’s a struggle for all of us who spend long hours with just the screen for company! It was when I shut down tweedeck and Outlook and Firefox and it felt like the room had fallen silent (and that it was a relief) that I realised I had been on a little too much…

  5. “A couple of times recently, I have left the house to go the shops or something equally mundane and felt like a mole or other underground thing, blinking my way into the light. As though the physical world was a novelty. This is a little scary.”
    You summed it up perfectly! I spend wayyyy too much time online these days.

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