We Apologise for this Break in Transmission: Keep Calm…

No, no, not you, dearest reader.  It is I who needs to keep calm and carry on.  I leapt into my blog program on Monday with vim, vigour and inarticulate cries of joy.  I had it all planned, I did.  Truly.

But the best laid schemes o’mice and men (and Imeldas) gang aft agley, as Rabbie Burns would say.  I neglected to recall that the long, leisurely Saturday, during which I intended to polish my first Sunday Salon until it shone, was entirely taken up with a workshop with the quite fabulous Michael Hague. For those who don’t know, he teaches screenwriting and story technique and I have been looking forward to this for weeks.  I just forgot it was THIS week.

I will make it up to you, I promise.  I in coming weeks, I will be interviewing: a woman passionate about empowering girls to be awesome; a storyteller using the ancient tradition of told tales to foster cultural development in the here and now; and a dear friend who has forgotten more about making authentic medieval costumes than I will ever know.  Among others.

In the meantime, please enjoy this gorgeous story about the origins of the poster above and have a lovely Sunday!

Cheers, Imelda

4 thoughts on “We Apologise for this Break in Transmission: Keep Calm…

  1. I love this story! I fell in love with the saying some time ago, and in fact am proud owner of a red mug with the words on it. And, got to say, Michael Hague is worth the wait for your next polishment…

    • Thanks, Malvina. yes, it was a great workshop and there was certainly plenty of it. 9am to 6.30, so I’d say I got value for money. Thanks are due to RWA for organising a discount, too! I will probably do a write up at some point for the Monday blog slot. Isn’t it a sweet story? I’d seen the mugs and so on around but knew nothing about the story until I saw this video. I’ve put the bookshop on my ‘places to visit’ list (next time I happen to be passing Northumberland. You know, as you do).

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