Starring me as a social butterfly with real estate fantasies…

I am really getting around this week.  On Monday I was being interviewed by my lovely colleague Juliet over at the RWA blog.

Today, I am visiting the Lovecats Downunder.  The Lovecats are a delightful bunch of romance writers who very kindly invited me to visit their blog and said I could talk about ANYTHING (which shows they’re brave as well as lovely, dontcha think?)

I decided to talk about setting in Rules are for Breaking (debut novel out now, forgive me but I never get tired of saying that!) and in the process discovered that I have a scarily long memory and that I am obsessed with setting.

I know people who do long complicated ‘interview’s with their characters before they begin writing a book.  They find out who their best friend was when they were five, what their mother said when they were a teenager that scarred them for life and the like.  The idea of doing this both bores and terrifies me to tears.

Yet, I will happily take a whole day to wander around inner-city Melbourne looking for a building that looks right and is on the right tram line for my heroine to live in.  Or drive two hours to a pub by the sea that I want to set an important scene in (different novel, in case you were wondering).  I wonder if there’s a name for this condition?  Apart from real estate obsession?

Anyway, if you’d like to know a bit more about my weirdness and how it percolates into my novels, do feel free to to come and visit the Lovecats with me.

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Thanks for visiting and haveagoodweekend!

Wednesday Work in Progress: The perils of editing and (squee!) a cover preview

I have been doing some revisions lately on my contemporary romance that is coming out soon with Destiny Romance. (Have I mentioned that? I have? Oh, right-o. Moving on. 😉 )

I’m done with them now and am back to working on my longer novel and have discovered something.  When your brain is in edit mode, trying to do a quick read of your current wip to get up to speed sucks like an enormous sucky thing.  All you can see is redundancies and clumsy sentences and things that need tweaking.

I have always edited as I go.  It’s how I roll.  I know people say you should just get it down and turn off the internal editor and come back and fix it later.  I can’t do it.  I can’t write any old rubbish, I have to make the sentences at least reasonable and I can’t leave the chapter until it makes sense.  My internal editor just rides along with me.

At least, that’s what I thought until now.  Now, having put myself in true editor mode (as opposed to self-editing writer mode) on my own work, I understand what people mean by needing to turn off the editor when writing.  It really is a different way of looking at the text.  It’s a different skill set.

I’ve always known that.  I’ve been an editor (of a magazine and non-fiction) and I’m quite good at it, but I’ve never edited fiction.  The process I’ve just been through with Rules are for Breaking (my romance title, do you like it?) is my first exposure to professional fiction editing and while I enjoyed it, mostly, I really now need to turn it off.  It can come back later – needs to in fact – but for now, I need to let that level of scrutiny go and concentrate on the story.

Yet another example of how in this business, as in so many others, you should never say never, or think you know how things are, because there’s always something more to learn!

But all of that is really an aside, because what I really wanted to do is tell you that I have a cover for Rules are for Breaking!  It’s due to be released as an ebook through Destiny Romance next month (there’s a blurb up on their site under ‘coming soon’) and I’m just a wee bit excited.  So, without further fanfare, here is my gorgeous cover.  What do you think?

Lights, Camera, Action: or how movies can make you a better novelist (and revisions less painful)

Oh, I know what you’re thinking: she’s just looking for an excuse to watch The Holiday while she should be working.

Well… okay, it may be true that a movie a little like that is running in the background while I type this, but it’s for a good reason and if you’ll bear with me, I’ll explain.

A week or so ago, I was meditating on the extraordinary power a movie’s music has to evoke emotion, meaning and even a sense of place in the audience.*

So then I got to thinking about all the other clever people who are involved in creating the experience we have when we go to the cinema.

It’s not just the actors, although they get most of the glory (when there’s glory to be had).  There’s the cinematographer and the director who frame the shots and decide what we actually see on the screen.  There are the production and set designers and builders who create the world of the movie and provide so many subtle cues about the characters and what’s important.  There are costume designers, who quite literally ‘make’ the characters, if the old saying about clothes is true.  There are sound and lighting and cgi people and foley artists and props people and casting agents and editors and… you get the idea.

When you consider all that talent, all those people who make up the team and bring you the movie, one starts to wonder what the writer brings.

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Sunday Showcase: Introducing Tamara Gill

Thanks to everyone who commented.  The draw has now been done and Resa is the winner of a copy of an e-copy of A Marriage Made in Mayfair.  All commenters are still in the draw for the major prize to be drawn at the end of Tamara’s blog tour.

I’m very excited today to introduce a proper guest on Sunday Showcase!

Tamara Gill is an all-around sweetheart.  She is also an author of historical romance and a fellow member of the Romance Writers of Australia.

Her new romantic novella, A Marriage Made in Mayfair (isn’t the cover gorgeous?) has just been released and in its honour, Tamara is doing a blog tour, complete with PRIZES.  (Another first for Wine Women and Wordplay, thank you Tamara!)

Everyone who comments here will go into the draw to win an e-copy of the book and will also go into the draw for the grand prize, to be drawn at the end of the tour.  (To win, you need to provide a valid email address, so make sure you type it well!)  For more details, or to check out the other blogs Tamara will be visiting, go to her website

But now, on to the interview!

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