It’s Spring! So I’m all dressed up with somwhere to go…

Today I’m being featured in an Author Spotlight over on the Romance Writers of Australia blog, and there’s a chance to win a copy of my book!

I’m very chuffed about it.  It’s still a novelty for me to be interviewed as an author and on the RWA blog I’m in some very good writerly company.

I got so excited that I revamped the blog specially.  What do you think?

And to celebrate the new web look, I decided that I really need to wrap up my newsletter competition and do the draw for this pretty thing from Avalaya (who make gorgeous costume jewellery and deliver pretty much everywhere):

For those who didn’t notice first time around, I’m planning to set up a newsletter e-mailing list, to use when I have book news (something I hope will be more regular in future 🙂 ).  If you would like to be on the list, you can fill out the form below and to thank you, I’ll put you in the draw for the bracelet, a copy of Rules are for Breaking (pictured in the sidebar if you’re interested) and some surprise prizes.

So if you comment over at the RWA blog and sign up here, you will have two chances to win.  And I’ll think you’re lovely!

How a horse race made me forget what day it was and an interview!

Ahem.  Apparently, I forgot that yesterday was Wednesday.  This is because Tuesday here was Melbourne Cup day.  Which, because I live in Melbourne, was a public holiday.

Yes, the Melbourne Cup is a horse race.  And we have a holiday for it.  And we have the cheek to say that other places are mental! 😉  If memory serves me right, it used to be a holiday NATION-WIDE.  I feel I should say this is shocking, but actually I find it kind of endearing.  There is too little eccentricity left in the world.

For those who have never been, this little video gives you some feel for what it’s like.

Some do come for the racing, but most come for the party. Many, many people descend on Flemington, frocked to the nines (or dressed up in costumes, if that’s how they roll) and proceed to drink and bet the day into submission.  There are so many people indeed, that some don’t even bother trying to get in, but bring their picnic baskets and four-wheel drives and have their party in the carpark.  I kid you not.

But for others, it’s ALL about the frock.  And the ludicrous hat.  The more ludicrous the better.  And the completely nonsensical high heels.  If you’re a woman and you aren’t crippled by the end of the day, you just aren’t trying hard enough, in the footwear department.  Should you ever find yourself sharing a train carriage in Melbourne full of young women in slightly bedraggled finery, with their shoes in their hands and their bare feet glowing like rivets on the dirty floor, you’ll know it’s the end of Melbourne Cup day.

So important is the fashion, that they even have a hotly contested competition called Fashions on the Field, weather notwithstanding…

So with all this excitement, is it any wonder that I forgot what day it was?

Oh okay, I wasn’t there.  I was making 38 bottles of lemon cordial from scratch for the school fete.  But I watched the race!

And then, I discovered that this interview that I did for Destiny Romance, was up on their website.  I think it came up okay, but after having paused it several times I now know why happy snaps of me at parties always look dodgy.  For your amusement, you might like to stop it 0.18, 1.29 and 3.41.  One day the wind will change, then I’ll be sorry!  Hope you like it!

Have a great Thursday!

An interview and a recipe (to come)…

I was all fired up to post a recipe today, then I realised that I don’t have a photo of the finished dish to show you – and you really should see it in all its chocolately goodness.

So I am going out to get the ingredients and I will make one tonight and take a picture, just so you can see it… what?  You don’t believe that I am making chocolate pie just for your benefit?  Oh ye of little faith! 😉

But in the meantime, you might want to read my guest interview over at my friend Jenn J McLeod’s blog, in which I mention chocolate pie.  She’s running a great series of interviews with Aussie writers, so check them out.  You might find a new favourite!

I’m off to the shops – come back later and there will be pie!