Bless the Mums

Mothers want their children to be happy and healthy. Mrs. Kham, 27 and Anoy, 8 months old. Her smile says it all. She has three young healthy children. World Vision has been working in the village of Phonthong in Pakkading District of Bolikhamxay Province in Lao PDR to provide health and education through the Pakkading Mother and Child Health Project (PMCH).

It’s Mothers’ Day.  That’s why my post is late up, because I have been being feted with breakfast in bed and coffee and macarons in honour of the day.

Regular visitors to this blog will know that Sundays here are for showcasing interesting people and projects.  Mums certainly qualify, so today, this is for the Mums.  This is my prayer and wish for you.

For the Mums

For the new Mums, who are overwhelmed with love and the responsibility of nurturing this tiny miracle that has invaded and taken over your life:
May you get the sleep you need, may help come when you need it and may you have faith in yourself and your mothering, even when the house has gone to pot and you feel that you have no idea what you are doing.

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