While I was making other plans…

I have several posts on the boil, but the ideas in them seem to be taking a while to uncomplicate themselves and come out clearly.  (It’s not helped by the fact that the scene I’m working on in the WIP is proceeding at glacial speed; I’m distracted.)  So in lieu of a real post, I thought I would share this.

Feel free to ignore the bit at the end about the pandas (or not, Graham is always good for a laugh), but the bit at the start with the dude in the box made me laugh out loud.  If you are at all Whovian, watch and giggle:

Or, if your fandoms are otherwise, check out this Cheezburger post.  It includes 10 quotes from favourite movies and TV shows that are all about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and pushing on, even if times are tough.  It’s cute and includes a couple of my favourites, namely the Dumbledore one and the one from my favourite fish, Dory.  I quite regularly remind myself to ‘just keep swimming’!

(It’s possible that Dory isn’t my only favourite fish.  I am also very, very, taken with Bruce the shark, but he is less cheerily encouraging and more terrifying.  Although his stalwart efforts to treat fish as friends not food, in the face of his addiction, is admirable.)

Exhibit A, demonstrating both the fabulousness and terror of Bruce:

Hope your week is going well.  Wish me luck with this scene and posts o’doom!

Friday Favourites Goes Geeky

Geeky, and yet, apparently, technically challenged, which is why the Friday post is up on Saturday evening.  Ahem.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you something which I think is cute, clever and interesting, from a story-telling and marketing point of view.  These will make more sense if you follow Doctor Who, but in case you don’t, here’s some background:

The Doctor is a time traveller.  Rory and Amy are a married couple who travel with him but are at home at the moment.  There is a new series of the show about to start shortly (see below for details) and the makers have created this little five-episode mini-series as a teaser.  They have released one a day for five days.

(I just realised that I should say, for the uninitiated, that Rory and Amy’s surname is Pond (kind of, long story not going into here!) hence the name of the series.)

There are many clever things about this, but chief among them is the several neat little twists that they managed to work in even in such a short format.  Well worth analysing for structure, if you are that way inclined.  But mostly, they’re fun and a great appetiser for all the rabid Whovians hanging out for the new series.

If you are in Australia, the first episode of the new series will be available on ABC’s iView on Sunday morning (2 Sept).  It will be shown on the tele on ABC 1 on the 8th of Sept (Saturday) and repeated on ABC 2 on Tuesday the 11th.  I believe it is screening on Saturday night in Britain and America.  Check your local guides or with the BBC.

Now, without further ado, here are the episodes.  Enjoy!

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What makes a man sexy?

Recently I was reading a blog post by the lovely Paula Roe, romance writer, on fellow romance writer’s Maggie Nash‘s blog about what is (and isn’t) sexy.

I commented and thought that was the end of it (famous last thoughts).  But then I got to thinking and thought it would make a good blog post.

Then I got to thinking some more and thought it would make a blog series – it seems I have a lot of ideas about attractiveness!  So, for what it’s worth, here’s my first set of musings on what makes a man attractive (at least, to me).

First up, I love a good smile.

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