Bad friend, with good books…

Her Italian Aristocrat Louise ReynoldsSecrets in TimeHouse-for-all-Seasons-Jenn-J-McLeod-194x300Ask Me To Stay Elise K Ackers

As those of you who keep up with my shenanigans will know, I have, of late, been locked deep in the writing cave* finishing a manuscript (a new romance which there will be more on soon, I hope).  Consequently, my blogging has been somewhat neglected.  This, in itself, is not that big a deal (well, it is, it’s slack, but I’m sure your wheels haven’t fallen off as a result).  But what is a big deal is that, due to the locked-cave sitch, I FORGOT I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE GUESTS ON THE BLOG THIS MONTH!

There’s no excuse.  I have a little diary for the purpose of keeping up with the blog calendar and it is right next to my left elbow as I type this.

But in spite of its existence and extreme cuteness, I did it. I forgot.  I think I mostly forgot is was April.  Which, given it is my birthday month, is something of a worry

Now, I have left it too late this month to actually interview these authors, so I’ll have to do that another time (and I will, because they are all completely awesome).  But in the meantime, the least I can do is introduce you to their books, because they are also extremely cool and you might just be in the market for some reading diversion.  So, without further ado, may I introduce you to: Continue reading