Wednesday Review Takes Tea

On the weekend, I went out for Tea.  Please note the deliberate capital ‘T’ in Tea, for this was not just the beverage, which I can have at home, and do, on a regular basis.

This was Tea, or High Tea; a glorious collection of little sandwiches and cakey things, accompanied by leaf tea, in a pot, taken in elegant surroundings, with one’s favourite people.

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Friday Favourites visits the Sistine Chapel

In honour of the solemnity of this Friday for many people, I thought I’d share a quite extraordinary digital rendering of surely, one of the world’s most magnificent artworks, the Sistine Chapel, in Rome.

If you click on the picture below (which I took from the Wikipedia article on the Sistine Chapel) it will take you to an amazing, virtual tour of Michelangelo’s magnificent Sistine Chapel.  With the buttons in the bottom left, you can zoom in or out, and by clicking and dragging with your mouse, you can change your angle of view.  I have no idea how they did this, but it’s wonderful.  A stunning Friday Favourite.

May your Friday be truly good.


PS: for those who read last week’s cocktail post and wanted the answer to the challenge question, I have put it at the bottom of the comment trail on that post.