Talking Romance with Anne Gracie

This wasn’t what I intended to post this Wednesday (it’s still Wednesday somewhere, surely?) but I just watched it myself and thought the advice for romance writers at the beginning was so good that I had to share.  (The rest of it is interesting, too!)

This interview was filmed recently as part of a series being done by Destiny Romance (my soon-to-be publisher!).

The person being interviewed is the wonderful Anne Gracie.  Anne is a fellow member of the Romance Writers of Australia, a lovely person and the author of delightful Regency romances.  Her novels are the book equivalent for me of a box of Haigh’s truffles: a treat that I love to anticipate and which never lets me down.  She is also a teacher of and a speaker about writing and is always worth listening to.

She is being interviewed here by the very lovely Elise Ackers, who is one of my fellow authors with Destiny.  Her first release with Destiny is a romantic suspense which you can find here.  I had the pleasure of meeting her recently and I’m looking forward to reading her book (came back from conference with a HUGE TBR pile).

Sorry I missed posting yesterday – I was finishing edits and deadlines come first!  I hope to do better next week!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the video.