Feel Good February

Further to my post on Thursday, here’s a primer for how to do some good in your community.


This graphic came from my new friends at Feel Good February.  A friend put me on to them the other day I thought it was a fabulous idea.  The graphic below explains the concept, but you might want also to visit their website or Facebook page.


If you do find things to do, I’d love to hear about them (unless you are keeping them sekrit, which is also fine.  But if you want to share the fun of doing good by stealth, you know where I am!)

6 thoughts on “Feel Good February

  1. I was queuing with my young daughter in a newsagent once. My daughter really wanted me to buy her a particular item, but I’d said no (you can’t buy them everything!) A lady (about my age) in the queue overhead and asked me if she could buy the item for my daughter, because her own mother had recently died and she wanted to do something that would make her feel better. All three of us felt so much better for her simple act of kindness that day.

  2. I hope you see the attaching of charities to my Art Gowns, as random acts of kindness. I am working towards it becoming a reality of kindness.
    As I am not a celebrity, or related to one, I understand that it is an uphill battle.
    Thank you for choosing “Doctors Without Borders”

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