Storytelling in Australia

I was going to post something else today, but I found this post about oral storytelling, by my friend Morgan and really wanted to share it. You may not know that I am a storyteller as well as a novelist (and copywriter). In fact, I was a teller of spoken tales long before I started writing novels. It is an ancient art form, often misunderstood in the modern world, but one with great power to counter the unhelpful and unhealthy profit-driven stories that saturate our media. If you get the opportunity to hear a storyteller, take it. It’s life-changing stuff.

stories in my life

I was prompted to write this blog after reading a facebook post by Jo Henwood, a storyteller from Sydney, Australia. Jo writes:

“Last Sunday I did storytelling for the Autumn Vibes festival at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney. It was African themed, I had 14 stories (most of them new) arranged in 3 different story safaris throughout the Garden (with all the challenges of time management, sun, seating, and performing to a background of drumming, jazz bands etc) . Only 18 children came through the day. And of them, although it was advertised for 5-12 year olds, 11 were aged 5 or under. What was also interesting, in a depressing sort of way, was how parents responded when given a choice of $5 activities: clay work, drumming workshop, self guided activity sheet, plant material sculptures, storytelling – the vast majority acted as if storytelling hadn’t been mentioned. – ??? Australian culture in…

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