Still School Hols here: not quite blown away yet!

So, it’s spring school holiday time which means it has also been Melbourne Show time and I had half-intended to take the offspring this year.

But my giddy aunt, the weather!  In recent days we have had stronger winds than we have had in decades.  Equivalent to a category 2 (or 1, depending on who you ask) cyclone, apparently.  I can well believe it.  A friend had her trampoline fly away and land two doors down, fortunately not on anyone.  And the rain that came with some of that wind was almost cyclonic and all.  I feel very sorry for the poor Show people.  Attendance must be down and just keeping the marquees pegged down and the animals sane must be driving them mental.  Just occurred to me that they might have lost power as well – many suburbs did.  Oh dear!

So we have been indulging in indoor pursuits, chez Imelda.  The girl and I spent a whole day watching Jane Austen movies and (in her case) embroidering and (in my case) answering tricky interview questions.  Yes, in spite of visitors and holiday shenanigans, I have managed to complete a couple of interviews lately.  One light-hearted one with Ms Destiny on Playing by the Rules for the Destiny website, and one on the business of writing and the perils of editing for the very lovely Gabba from Gabbawrites.  Just click that linky text if you’d like to read them.

I’ve also received a couple of lovely reviews, which has helped me out of the funk I was threatening to slide into after finishing a manuscript recently.  When you’ve written ‘the end’ and pressed send and waiting to hear back from people whose opinion is valuable what they thought, it’s really easy to think that you can’t write, you never could and maybe shouldn’t ever again.  Or maybe that’s just me? 😉 But in that funk, this review of Rules are for Breaking, and this one for Playing by the Rules really helped.  So I’d just like to sling an enormous thank you to everyone who takes the trouble to review, especially when they like the book.  It helps, it really does!

So, holidays finish this week and I’m hoping to be back to blogging normally next week – although I’ll also be preparing then for going to Genrecon, which is a first for me and about which I am very excited, so who knows?

So, what’s up in your neck of the woods?  Or, if you live in Melbourne, with the winds, what’s down? 😉


2 thoughts on “Still School Hols here: not quite blown away yet!

  1. Okay, I checked out your other site (Ms Destiny on Playing by the Rules for the Destiny website), . I need to explore more and … well up at 5 tomorrow so bed now, but 3 weeks and this shoot is finished!
    Resa xo (dizzy Resa)

  2. I think it’s still been raining in Perth – I’ve been out with a cold so I can’t say I’ve noticed too much!
    Genrecon sounds so cool – please write a post about it if you have time!

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