Playing By the Rules by Imelda Evans

Forgive this blatant promo, but Sam liked my story! And she let me reblog it…

Sam Still Reading

In brief: Kate has a school reunion to attend – only problem is she’s just been dumped. Enter her best friend’s brother, Josh, who kindly agrees to be her pretend fiancé…

The good: Kate is easy to relate to (she’s an OTT planner) and Josh is just delicious.

The not-so-good: Need more Josh! He’s a great hero – kind, sexy and balances Kate just perfectly.

Why I chose it: eARC from Net Galley and Destiny Romance – thank you!

Year: 2013

Pages: 208

Publisher: Destiny Romance

Setting: Australia, USA, France

My rating: 8.5 out of 10

Imelda Evans first appeared on my radar unknowingly when I heard ‘The Trouble With Men’, a submission at the Romance Writers of Australia conference this year. I was really impressed with the story – it was fun, feisty and funny. So when Imelda let me know that the submission was hers, I knew I…

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5 thoughts on “Playing By the Rules by Imelda Evans

    • I did! You might be pleased to know that the book o’doom that I mentioned in the last post has been keeping me off the blog was The Trouble with Men. It’s gone off to my agent now, so one day you might get to read it! Thanks so much for the review. It’s so encouraging to hear that people enjoy what I wrote. It really is what it’s all about.

  1. I’ve just put my comment on Sam’s blog!! You can’t help some people!! But what I wanted to say is CONGRATULATIONS! Another really enjoyable story, well told.

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