My Baby’s up on Goodreads (and Netgalley)!

DESTINY_Playingbytherules_cvr smallApologies for yet another ‘look at my shiny book’ post.  It’s just that I didn’t know about all these groovy things like Goodreads last time, so this time, I’m revelling in all the little milestones.

Anyway, just wanted to say that Playing by the Rules is up on Goodreads.  This doesn’t mean an awful lot yet (except to me, because I love to go and look at the prettiness of a cover with my name on it), but I wanted to mention it to any readers who also happen to be book reviewers, because it means it’s also up on Netgalley.

(If you aren’t a reviewer of contemporary romance, look away for a moment, as I’m about to be completely shameless.)

If you like contemporary romance at the sweet end of the spectrum and you are on Netgalley, I would love it if you would consider Playing by the Rules for a review.  And if you have a review blog or site and would like to interview me or ask me any questions about it (or my writing process or whatever), I’d be happy to answer them!  If you would like more info or a sample first, please feel free to contact me (form below)

Thank you and hope you have a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “My Baby’s up on Goodreads (and Netgalley)!

    • Are you back yet from the shoot o’doom? I really hope you enjoy it Resa. I think you will like Kate. And I would be so honoured if you would consider doing another art gown. I don’t think I have ever been as flattered as when you did the first one. Hope all is well on your side of the world!

      In obliquely related news, I am currently learning O Canada. My Karate Sensei is Canadian and her Sensei is coming out for a seminar so she has asked me to do both national anthems for the opening. I’ll think of you while warbling!

      • Well, my dear I am still in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city shooting. We just finished shoot day 27 out of 50.
        It really is a fabulous story, a political satire!
        How in sync of us that you are learning O Canada!

        I am very homesick, but the project is going very well.

        I can hardly wait to read the new book!!!

    • Thank you so much, DA! please forgive my terrible tardiness in getting back to you. I really was most touched by the support. But I have been wrestling with the book o’doom (with which I’m sure you are also familiar). Should have bit the mat 2 weeks ago – finally looking like doing so today. Then on to the next thing! Hope your babies are doing well!

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