Silver medal!

Okay, I was going to post something silly today about cheese but it will have to wait.

Stop the presses, halt the horses and otherwise cause astonishment and disruption!

My sister’s eight (the sister I talked about on Monday, the one rowing in the Masters Games) won a silver medal!

Whoo hoo!  How cool is that?

That is iceberg cool, that’s what it is!  And there are other finals to come, so who knows what could happen?

I’m summer happy dancing here in freezing cold Melbourne.

Also, in other news, I would like to mention that it is International Indigenous Peoples’ Day today, August 9th.  The link is to the UN information but may I make a suggestion?  As well as reading about indigenous people, may I suggest that in honour of the day, you make contact with an indigenous person or community near you?  And if you are an indigenous person, I hope you have a great day and that the celebration of this day helps you and your communities.

In honour of my Australian Aboriginal brothers and sisters, here’s a Dreamtime story you might like.

Hope you’re warm and your weekend is happy.

8 thoughts on “Silver medal!

    • Very proud! Thanks Kerrie! They’ve finished up now. No more medals, but a great experience and you can’t ask much more than a silver in your first ever international competition!

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