Sisters as inspiration…

Image courtesy of Paul Martin Eldridge/

Image courtesy of Paul Martin Eldridge/

I have literally dozens of half-baked posts lined up waiting to be fully baked, but I must break into transmission with some exciting (to me, anyway) news.

My big sister is, as I type, in sunny Torino (that’s Turin, Italy, for the non-Italian savvy among us) for the world Masters Games.

In case you don’t know, the Masters Games is an international sporting meet for sportspeople over 30.

I’d like you to notice that word, ‘sportspeople’.  It’s kind of important.  Because, as looking at a picture of me will probably indicate, I don’t come from a massively sporty family.

Not, mind you, that you should infer too much about the rest of my family from me.  They almost all played more sport than I did and in the case of cricket and my brothers, I believe with some skill.  And in their time they have run and played squash and been gym members and all those things that people – even me – do to try to be healthy.  (Although not squash, in my case.  Don’t have the knees for it.)

But to the best of my knowledge, none of my family has ever participated in a world competition in any sport.  And now my sister, my older sister, professional, business owner, wife and mother of two grown-up children is competing as part of a rowing team in the Masters Games.

And I am so proud of her, I could burst.

She did a bit of rowing at uni, but this recent endeavour was really started as a fun way to keep fit with some friends.  Then their coach started to get ideas and now she has a training regime and she’s got muscles on her eyebrows and knows more about her heart rate than is quite decent.

And this is the woman who, as a child, was praised by her physical education teacher for being – and I quote – ‘a neat worker’.

I have recently decided that I need to get serious about improving my fitness.  The karate is helping, but I need better general fitness to do that better.  Exercising does not come naturally to me.  ‘Bone idle’ may not quite be my second name, but ‘naturally sedentary’ is in there somewhere.  But if my sister, who is several years older than me, can make the Masters Games, then I figure literally anything is possible.  The sky – or Torino at any rate – is the limit! I’ve reached that age where you need to decide whether you are going to be fit or slid into premature old age.

Thanks partly to my sister, I’m choosing fit.

So go get ’em, girly rowing team from country Australia.  I’m barracking for you!

17 thoughts on “Sisters as inspiration…

  1. Imelda, my heart is bursting pride for ALL my wonderful daughters. Thank you for this lovely post about the eldest of them. xx

  2. Wow Great post Imelda 🙂 If you are just starting exercise you might like to join this group My daughter-in-law Sharon joined their online community via an android app in March, she is still highly motivated. Sharon began with a 10 goal and is now eyeing off marathons and toughmudder events. I am so proud of her! Good luck with whatever you choose, I look forward to seeing what fun you will be up to this time next year 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip, Vanessa! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the scale of the task, but then I saw something the other day that perked me up. It said something like, ‘never be daunted by how long something will take. The time will pass anyway’. True that! Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

  3. Good luck to your sister – what an awesome thing to be part of!
    And good for you for deciding to be fit. You can do it!

  4. Well at least she made it there after SOMEONE incompetently dropped them at the wrong terminal! I tried the C25K app for a while but I am also of the bad-knee variety so I guess I will have to go back to dancing or something. Another good motivation to get fit is when your own mother says if you don’t start exercising she will have a running race with you on the front lawn and you know who the victor will be!

  5. That’s amazing, Imelda. Takes a certain kind of person to be able to compete on the world stage in Fitness. And you’re in good company in terms of that…bone idle AND sedentary describe me well. Though this year I have started getting into cycling, which is a first for me 🙂 Goodluck to you and your sis!

    • Good luck with the cycling Alarna! I like to cycle sometimes but hills kill me. I may need to move to Holland. Thanks for the good wishes. I’m looking foward to trying to keep up with their progress on the website that keeps defaulting to Italian!

  6. The hard part about being a writer is the fact one can’t really write and exercise at the same time, unless you have a desk-treadmill. I think about getting one of those when I’m out running (shuffling) and reminding myself that it’s ‘move it or lose it.’ You inspire me to move it before I lose it.

    • Glad to be inspirational, even if it’s kind of by proxy! I have thought about one of those treadmill desks, but I suspect I’m insufficiently co-ordinated. I have visions of getting caught up in the story, stopping walking and face-planting into the treadmill. Not encouraging!

  7. Luv, luv, luv. what a wonderful post/story!
    (Add spy intrigue) Argh, Imelda you’re stimulating tales in me, but I’m working on a political satire and must focus.
    Imelda, you will never face-plant onto a treadmill You’re, too sly, crazy like a fox.
    _Resa xo

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