Feeling the Gratitude today

So, yesterday, Melbourne, my town, turned on one of those glorious autumn days that make you want to frolic and gambol and otherwise bask in the sunshine and revel in being alive.  And then I turned on the radio and this was on, which seemed appropriate:

Although in my case it was more go outside and loll in the hammock, rather than in bed, but you get the idea.

But I was good.  I did do some work, I just did it at a coffee shop with outside tables, where I could bask in the real sunshine (and frolic in my imaginary world).  And I enjoyed it.  And it has put me in a good mood today, which is lovely.  So I want to share some things I’m grateful for.  First, at the moment, I am most pleased with this:

Books actually bought for reading!

547323_332176723551639_366061772_nIt’s a book.  It has my name on it.  It has a gorgeous cover.  All of these things have existed since October last year.  But now it is available in three dimensions, with actual paper between covers, for people to buy*.  This makes me glad.  And a little squoogly.**

(*In Australian Post shops if you are in Australia.  My apologies if you aren’t!  One day I will have many books and they will be available in all formats everywhere, but it is not this day. Sadly.)

(**Squoogly is a word we have invented in our house for that combination of bashful and delighted that you get when someone compliments you fulsomely – or when you see your first book available for sale.)

I am also grateful to friends who bought the book (see first photo) and took pictures of it in the wild (see both photos).  They make me squoogly too! (See**, above.)

I am also pleased that we have a tiny, miraculously tiny frog in our frog tank.  Last year, our little frogs successfully bred in captivity, surprising and delighting us.  They produced one normal-sized frog and one we called Frodo because he was little and gorgeous.  But this year, although we got spawn and even tadpoles, we didn’t get any new frogs.  At least, so I thought, until I saw the tiny, tiny one the other day.  He’s the size of a quarter of a thumbnail.  He’s so small it was hard to believe he wasn’t just a trick of the light.  But he’s real and he’s still there and he feels like a tiny miracle.  I’m finding tiny tiny insects to feed him and hoping we can keep him alive and growing.

And then there’s this:

I enjoyed the Hobbit movie but best of all, I think was the dwarves singing.  I sincerely hope there will be more in the next two.

And there are many more things to be happy about, but I’ve rabbited for long enough.  What are you happy about today?

10 thoughts on “Feeling the Gratitude today

  1. Thanks for your blog, Imelda. Firstly, I’m still coming to terms with Richard Armitage as a dwarf king, I’m trying! Secondly, apart from the frolicsome autumn weather, I’m glad to be at home, doing what Anne Lamott calls, “building sand castles with words.” Have a great weekend. Susan Lattwein

    • Ignore the height, Susan and just go with the big sword and heroism and kingliness! Of course, I am married to a bearded man, so the beardyness is no barrier to me seeing those things. It may be for you! Or perhaps just close your eyes and listen to the tones of the Misty Mountains for a bit? That might help!

      Hope your sandcastles are developing nicely and thanks for dropping by!

  2. Imelda, I’m happy to be living in Australia where the birds are singing (not just now, it’s 10pm) the Autumn sun (as you said) has been wonderfully warm, and all is well with the world…
    Enjoy the weekend..! 🙂

  3. I’m happy it’s spring in Canada. I’m happy it’s autumn in Australia. I’m happy I figured out how to get email notifications back! 🙂 Congrats on your 3d book! I’m happy for that, too. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. I’m happy as it’s a perfect autumn day in Sydney and I’ve just had coffee with my son in a favourite cafe. Congratulations on your paper book – will check it out…as an English teacher I love real three-dimensional books…and that new book smell, incredible!

    • Thanks for commenting, Leeanne! Coffee with loved ones in the sun is pretty fabulous always. I am quite delighted by the paper book. It’s so kind of you to say you’ll look out for it. I know what you mean about 3D books. I adore the iDevice for it’s ability to hold many books and because they are often so cheap. But it’s hard to use in the bath and I do love the feel of a paper book!

    • Thanks Rita! If you spot it in a Post Office, if you can take a photo and send it to me, I will treasure it! I am collecting a set of photos of it seen ‘in the wild’. I finally begin to understand the excitement of the collector! 😉

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