Still slaving over a hot manuscript…

I’m sorry my lovelies, but I’m still stuck in manuscript hospital with this book.  But I was sent this as inspiration by a friend the other day and I thought I’d share it with you, since it’s gorgeous.  I haven’t been watching it, of course, just having the music in the background, but the video is a gorgeous compilation and I’d forgotten how much I like this song.

I hope it inspires you, too and I’ll be back on blogging deck soon!

whoops!  Just discovered that won’t embed, but you can still watch in on YouTube.  And in the meantime, for a laugh try this one:

(might need to pause for some of them)

8 thoughts on “Still slaving over a hot manuscript…

      • Faire du ski. I donut know what a snag is, though. Personally, me, myself, and I, do all my writing perched on top of extremely tall and precarious statues. I find the sheer terror promotes evocative prose.

        • Smart move! I like the way you think! A snag is a sausage, but feel free to substitute whatever you like to cook on an open grill – steak, chops, a butterflied chook or even a prawn. Although the latter cook so quickly one would only be able to knock off a haiku at best, while they cooked!

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