Tired but happy traveller returns: ARRC13 and me, THE AUTHOR!

I have been absent from the bloggery for a while.  For those who noticed, I’m sorry, truly.  It’s not that I haven’t had ideas for posts.  My brain it teems with schemes (as usual).  But a couple of things got in the way of me getting them onto the blog.  The pictures below show the fun one:

It's me! At a real live book signing with real books!And here I am being famous author person (or at least a passable facsimilie in this particular moment)

I have been out of town.  In Brisbane, Queensland, to be precise at the very wonderful Australian Romance Readers’ Convention, run by the even more wonderful Australian Romance Readers Association.  (If you love Romance, you really should check them out.  And give them money.  And come to the next ARRC!)

At this wonderful weekend, I got to be An Author. And talk about being one (a talk which involved a miniature T-Rex for reasons not even I can explain).  And attend an author signing. AN AUTHOR SIGNING! ON THE SITTING DOWN SIDE OF THE DESK! SQUEEEEEE!

Now I am published digitally (which sounds like some weird finger condition, but I mean my book is an e-book).  So I printed some postcards that people could use as bookmarks (or to prop up recalcitrant cafe tables, as I told one reader) so I would have something to sign.  But then, the lovely ladies from Destiny Romance (Penguin) brought me some print copies to give away! So I got to sign some actual books for actual readers and I sincerely hope they like them.  I know I do.  Reports of my taking my copy to bed and stroking it all night are exaggerated, but not by much…

I also got to go to the awards dinner, at which I did not win, just for the record.  In spite of my husband’s insistence that I was in with a chance, I had zero expectation of winning.  (In case you missed it, I was a finalist – he’s not delusional, just over-hopeful!)  But to be in the company of the excellent writers and books in my category and to see my cover come up on the screen, to hear my title and name read out, as a finalist, in that company, was a great honour and joy.  Another first for that ARRC, and as they say, you never forget your first!  I also had the pleasure of telling the winner of my category, the lovely Rachael Johns, that I had told her so!

The full list of winners in all the categories is on the ARRA Blog.

The whole event was an absolute blast and I would like to thank again all the wonderful ARRA people who made it happen.

But why did this mean such a long blog absence, I hear at least one of you ask (yes, Mr Wapojif, I am looking at you).  Well, before all the hilarity and hijinks outlined above, I also attended a committee meeting of the Romance Writers of Australia (another fabulous organisation, partially responsible for getting me to ‘Author’ status and due some giving-back from me).  That was also good, but more serious and required some preparation which kind of ate the week before.

Then, when I got back from Queensland, it was to discover that my computer had died a horrible death, taking my internet speed and reliability with it.

Fortunately, the death was only in the power supply, not the brain, and the internet thing was also fairly easily fixed, so I am back online now.  But it made blogging too hard in the interim.  I hope this happy rave makes up for the absence and I will be back blathering again next week.



15 thoughts on “Tired but happy traveller returns: ARRC13 and me, THE AUTHOR!

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  2. I’ve been looking around for you and was wondering where you were! Thought maybe it was me … the time difference means I don’t always catch tweets etc. I’m glad you had a good time and such a wonderful experience. Sorry you lost though. You’ll get them on the next one. 🙂 Have a good weekend, yourself!

    • I’m very touched that you missed me! I didn’t win, but I didn’t really lose, either. To be nominated at all, when I’m so new in a very crowded market was a great result. Besides, as you say, it gives me something to work towards! 🙂 I think I’m going to have to capitulate and get a smart phone though so that the twerps don’t think I’m dead when I go away for a few days!

    • Thanks Matthew! It was fun. The computer was inconvenient, but I was so relieved it was just the power, not the brain. Had that happen recently and that was really appalling! This just took some patience to fix.

  3. Squeeeee! Imelda, I am so happy for you!!! I love seeing you at the author’s table. Hey, I’m happy for me … I’ve read your book. Your “Art Gown’s Post should be out in the next couple of days! I’m down to choosing between 20 pics!

  4. Great write up of such a fabulous weekend! I must write my second post cos I only covered half in the first. Maybe tomorrow. Your fabulous book is on my iPad but thanks also for the print copy, which is hopefully on it’s way back to me via postal satchel!!!

  5. Hey beautiful Queen Melda! The photos are gorgeous and yes, you do look inordinately pleased – and so you blinking well should. What an amazing achievement to final in such a prestigious award with your first publication. I’m so proud for you & pleased for you. Deciding not to go up to Brisbane was probably the worst decision of my life. Even if they were very good reasons, but nothing will keep me away next time. Congrats on finally – and thanks for the run down. xxx

  6. I’m so happy for you Imelda! I was so excited when I saw the pictures on Facebook! I have to tell you that I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t started your book yet because of a list of books I wanted to go through before. But this list is all cleared now and your book is the next one on my reading list.

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