Gettin’ my monster on…

It’s my turn again over at the Romance Writers of the Apocalypse today and I’m talking about whether the current craze for ‘paranormal’ stories is linked to a similar craze for what we now call Gothic fiction.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, here or there!

Here’s the LINK.


2 thoughts on “Gettin’ my monster on…

  1. I was surprised that the Romance Writers of the Apocalypse site had the 18 year old warning. However, after reading your article I understand why.
    Gothic fiction is a new term to me, but I think there is a correlation to today’s “paranormal” stories.
    Great article, and I’m having my say here because I always struggle to comment on Blogger with WP even though it’s supposed to be simple.

    • Oh, I KNOW! Blogger always hated me until I got a google ID (which I needed for something else). I never even try to comment on blogger sites with my WP id any more. So annoying! Gothic is interesting because it’s a movement that is indentified mostly in hindsight, rather like film noir. I was just wondering whether this current rage for paranormal stuff will be a bit the same in times to come. Symptomatic of the preoccupations and gestalt of its time.

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