More Unexpected Joys… (and the purple end of a rainbow snake)

It’s been a week of delightful surprises.  On Wednesday I introduced you to the charming, talented Lucy Spraggan.

She’s clever and funny and I couldn’t think of who to compare her to, until I thought of another of my all-time favourite singer/songwriters, Kristina Olsen.

This song, performed with her favourite performing buddy, Australian cellist Peter Grayling, should show you why she’s a favourite…

I hope Lucy goes on to create such a body of work and give as much joy as Kristina has!

Another unexpected joy was my lovely friend Resa’s latest creation.  She has been doing a series of ‘art gowns’ and her latest is almost too gorgeous to describe.  It’s old Hollywood in a new fabric and never has a dressmaker’s model looked so magnificent!

Then there was this: a love story with no words in a little over six minutes.  Black and white, charming, old-school animation that delighted my eyes and lifted my heart, from the very talented people at Disney.

Finally, I have actually followed through on my commitment of last week, which was to get out my knitting and have made some progress on the rainbow snake.  This is the violet and indigo end (obviously) and I’m sure you can see why I had to have the variegated yarn as well, even though it has doubled the knitting involved.  It’s not the best picture, (I’m never getting a job as a stylist) but I thought I should show you the beginnings, so I can do progress posts.

The unexpected part of this was how much I enjoyed doing it.  It’s calming and somehow rejuvenating to be achieving something while just sitting.  Much better than ‘just’ watching TV or, in the case of last night, my girl’s Karate class.

I hope you’ve had some unexpected joys this week too.  Here’s to celebrating them!


8 thoughts on “More Unexpected Joys… (and the purple end of a rainbow snake)

  1. Your knitted snake will look really good Imelda! Thanks for sharing this picture! Have a very lovely week-end. By the way, I finally joined RWA this week. Maybe it will give me some sort of push toward my story…

    • It’s fun, isn’t it? You might like Duets, the CD she did with Peter Grayling. I can’t remember whether Big O is on that one, but many other tracks are! I sing Heart Hill often. (Party piece – it’s a story!)

  2. Groovy! Not quite enough vitriolic profanity for my liking, but you can’t have everything. The “Big O” reminds me of the anti-Vietnam song Give Peace a Chance from Woodstock ’69 (I was there, alright? Of course I didn’t watch the DVD!). Anyway, as you’re a fan of silliness, Imelda, as are I, then I thought you might like the following link. Peace and vegetables.

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