Crafty schemes

Close up of knitted pink yarn with a pair of knitting needles

I realised just yesterday that, what with all the excitement over the ARRA award finalist thing, I forgot to finish out my goals for the year.

What, more, I hear you say?  Aren’t those lists long enough, missy?  Are we kidding ourselves about what we can do?  (Or is that me I can hear?)

It’s possible that I’m getting ahead of myself, but these goals aren’t writing ones.  They’re crafty ones.  I really like certain crafty pastimes and the main reason I don’t do them more often is that when they’re put away neatly I get busy with other things and I forget about them.

If you are a terribly organised and diligent person, you may find this hard to believe, but let me tell you, for me, it’s quite possible.  Indeed, it would be fair to say that I have elevated the practice into an art form.  The incredibly ambitious hand-knitted two metre-long snake I started last year and haven’t progressed very far on could be put down to biting off more than I could chew.  But the embroidery that I started for a friend before my daughter was born is definitely proof, should proof be needed. (For non regular readers, the same daughter has written book reviews for this very blog.  I rest my case, I park my valise, I demonstrate my procrastination beyond doubt).

So I thought this year I would make a few plans and see if I can remind myself of my crafty projects more often.  It’s not really that I don’t have time.  I could watch less TV, or indeed, do some of them while watching TV.

So, without further ado, here’s what I would like to get onto this year.  I will:

  • Finish the aforementioned embroidery.  If I fail, I think the poor may have to get it and they may not want it!
  • Finish the ridiculous snake, or at least get half-way through the rainbow. (It’s a rainbow snake and I have a ball of wool for each colour and multi-coloured ones to go in between, because I thought it would be prettier. Shut up.)
  • Knit up a couple of small rainbow snakes which were what disappointed my friend in the first place when she bought them in kit form and caused me to begin the ridiculous one.

Not necessarily in that order!

I would also like to do some scrapbooking, as that is a whole separate category of unfinished business, but I won’t put that on the list just yet.  I’ll see that as a bonus!

Do you have any crafty plans you’d like to get on with this year?

Note re the photo: Because I ran out of time to take pics of the snake, the photo above is from Microsoft Clip Art (click on the pic for link).  For that site and a heap of other free photo sites, check out Jonathan Gunson’s blog post on the subject.

14 thoughts on “Crafty schemes

  1. Imelda – I admired you already. Now I worship the ground you walk on.
    You write brilliant books. You write comments like “park my valise” and you can KNIT! Wow. I struggle to sew a button!

    • Ah shucks, Lily, I love you too! Truly LOL at the moment! If it’s any consolation, my daughter has to remind me how to purl every time I try. The reason I like this snake project is because I am knitting it in the round (circular needles) so I get a beautiful smooth result without ever having to purl! I can knit great tension till the cows come home, but don’t ask me to do anything complicated! Sorry if that’s knocked me off my pedestal, but honesty is the best policy, I’m told! 😀

    • I hear your pain, Rachael. Since I started writing I have gone kind of cold turkey on the craft. But I’ve decided that there are times I could do it if I could just get out of my own way, so this is the year I’m going to try. I’d also like to quilt, but am putting that off to a time when I have more brain space, as well as time!

  2. I’d love to crochet, but that gift seems to have deserted me. I’ve just started doing a scrapbook album for my daughter’s first birthday in March. I’ll have to squeeze my crafty stuff in between reading and reviewing.

    • It is a squeeze, isn’t it? I’ve decided that instead of lolling abed on a Saturday, I’ll recharge my batteries by doing scrapbooking. I really do enjoy it and I have so much gear it seems a shame not to! At least SOME weekends! 😉

  3. You should try something smaller firs, that you can complete really quickly. Like knitting a small cotton dishcloth or a super fast scarf with really thick yarn and really thick needles. I’ve found that really big simple projects can be boring to beginners, and the thrill of completion is what really gets you going on a craft You can find lots of instructional videos for more complicated techniques at and a MASSIVE community of knitters and crocheters on You are more than welcome to friend me if you like!

    • Oooh, knitting-y goodness! Thanks for that link, I will definitely follow that up. And thank you for the tips.

      The embarassing part is that I’m not really a beginner. I learnt to knit as a child and I did all those beginning projects. The snake is more knitting as therapy. Something that I can do without any concentration at all, even while completely brain-dead, but still produce something. It’s more relaxing than just watching TV, it doesn’t separate me from anyone who wants to talk to me and I can pick it up any time without feeling that I need to think about it. It’s like a wooly version of worry beads!

      Having said that, though, I would like eventually to branch out into some more ambitious things, so I’d love to see what all the woolies are up to on Ravelry (great name!). I’m off to sign up!

  4. Well, besides reading a few books, I just want to continue designing “Art Gowns” on my Judy. I’ve been working on #3 since the holidays, but the only reason its not finished is because of working on the TV pilot I just finished.
    Yay! as luck would have it, I may have landed an MOW, so fun hobbies are slowed down. (#3 will get finished this week)
    My thoughts about the “Art Gown” I want to create that’s inspired by you are: I will have finished reading “Rules Are For Breaking” and will be able to ask your gown a few questions about the book.
    Is that too, nutty?
    Oh, btw Imelda, I love your knitting a snake story. (I have an honors degree in Knit Technology, as well as Fashion Design and Technology)
    I love that you would like to knit!

    • I love your ‘Art Gowns’.

      Yay on the MOW! And I hope your pilot gets picked up. I got the impression you enjoyed doing that one, so it would be great if it kept going.

      LOL, you’re asking a writer if it’s nutty to ask a gown about a book? We spend all day talking to (and sometimes arguing with) imaginary friends. Just a few weeks ago, I had a spirited exchange while in the shower with a character who I thought was just a means to an end who was suddenly demanding a house and clothes and a backstory. I didn’t want to give them to her, I thought I didn’t have time. She flatly refused to show up for work without them. She won. So no, not too nutty at all!

      I am so impressed by your honours in Knit Technology. I love so many things about knitting, but not least the connection to all those women (and men) and their stories through the ages. If those jumper designs could only speak! I’m delighted that it is taken seriously enough in the 21st Century to be studied. There is hope for the world yet!

  5. Wow Imelda! I didn’t know you like knitting! I love it! I’m so impressed by your project of knitted snake! You really have to post a picture! The problem is that I’m terrible at planning my time and organisation in general and I it’s difficult to find time to knit. I love scrapbooking too.

    • Because my project is so easy, I really just need to do it when I’m veging in front of the tele or chatting or whatever. It’s just a matter of remembering to keep it with me. I have just decided to be a bit more mindful this year – we’ll see how I go!

  6. I sometimes feel surrounded by all the projects and crafts I convince myself I’ll do…shortly. =) It’s amazing how long that can be. I really enjoyed this!

    • Thanks, oh jaded one! Glad you enjoyed it. Nice to meet someone with a similar skill for crafty procrastination. I do think there should be some sort of award for 12+ years on the same project, though… 😉 Thanks for visiting the blog!

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