A Furniture Frenzy!

I am confessing right here right now to you, by dear blog readers, that I am in a frenzy.  A furniture frenzy.

We’re getting a pool table you see – or a billiards table, or snooker table, if that’s how you roll (we’re getting ALL THE BALLS!).

(Gratuitous Music Man clip, as this song is an all-time favourite. We’ve got Trouble!)

Now, since we don’t live in an enormous house, this has involved moving of furniture, getting rid of furniture, chucking out of untold amounts of stuff and general enormous upheaval for the last few days.  I am physically broken.  My back is twanging, I seem to have a permanent cramp in my right calf and there is dust in my hair.

(I also seem to have lost all sense of proportion, since the way that sentence was structured, it seems the dust is the most important issue.  Anyway…)

As a result of all of this, I get to BUY TWO NEW PIECES OF FURNITURE!  In addition to the billiards table, which is already ordered.

My lust for real estate is equalled only by my near-orgasmic adoration for buying furniture.  Not randomly, you understand.  I’m not that kind of girl!  But furniture to fill a specific job, that fits and is just the thing… put it this way, if you could feel the way it makes me feel, you’d want furniture too.

So, it’s a short post today, because I am going out in search of furniture.  The girl shall be dragged along.  There will certainly be a stop for coffee and possibly cake.  Later, there will be photos.

Oh happy day!

Do you have anything fun planned for today?

Oh, just thought I should add, for Aust and NZ readers, today is the last day of the special on all the Destiny Romance titles, including Rules are for Breaking. If you’ve been meaning to get to it, don’t delay!

2 thoughts on “A Furniture Frenzy!

  1. How funny, Imelda. I’ve been out looking for furniture as well. It’s frustrating and tiring. You find a piece you love the design of but it’s just too big. Or it’s the right size but you hate the timber, etc. Those perfect pieces are out there…just need to track them down!

  2. A pool table sounds like fun!
    I took a short assignment, designing the costumes for a tv pilot, which we shot in front of a live audience this past Friday night. It was exhilarating. However I was doing 6 day weeks and 12 – 14 hour days. I wrap out this week, then I’m unemployed again.
    So… now I can go back to your book.
    I love the set up!
    Be careful with the moving of furniture! Let the guys do it!!!

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