It’s 2013: So, what now?

I’m back.  Holiday officially over, blogging and other writing firmly back on my daily menu.

It’s traditional at this time of year to make resolutions and in the past, I would have been front and centre ready to resolve to be better, stronger, faster (read, thinner) and so on, with the best of them.

But I am older and wiser now.

I know a resolution is usually as insubstantial as the breath it is uttered with.  And goals that are really dreams – that is, with no plan behind them – are about as useful as resolutions.  A resolution by any other name will stink the same by January 5…

So I have waited until after the feast of the Epiphany (it seemed appropriate) to stake my claim on the goal-field of 2013, in the hope that time to consider will keep me sensible.  This time next year, we’ll find out, I guess!

So, what do I want to achieve this year?  Monday on this blog is about writing, so I’ll start with the writing goals:

This year I aim to:

Finish and sell my ‘girly thriller’ which has taken a long time to craft, but is so close to done I can taste it.

Rewrite the companion novel to Rules are for Breaking for Destiny Romance (They’ve save me a slot for the second half of the year – would you look at that, a real live deadline!)

Write a short story – a first for me! – to enter in the Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto awards.  I had an idea over the holidays which I think might work and I’m excited about writing it.

Write the second in the ‘girly thriller’ series (which will require it to go much faster than the first, but I hope I can do that!)

Have all of that done in time to clear the decks for NaNoWriMo.  Having broken my NaNo reluctance last year, I’d like to have a stab at writing something completely new in that month.  Don’t know yet what it will be. A new short romance? A novella?

I could add things to this list, but this is supposed to be about things I am actually able and going to do, not just would like to.  I dearly love a list but I have learned the hard way that it’s best to take into account one’s capacity before signing off on a list…

Which brings me to another writing goal for this year: the care and improvement of this blog.

I started blogging in March last year with a plan and I’ve mostly stuck to it.  But now I’d like to improve.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be overhauling my categories and tags, to make things easier to find and tweaking the blog schedule so I can include more of the things readers seem to like more often.  I’ll talk about the other day improvements when I get to them, but here’s what I have in mind for Mondays:

I will be starting a new series called ‘So you want to be a writer?’  I don’t claim to be an expert, but, like most of us treading this path, I’ve learnt a lot as I’ve gone and I continue to learn.  This column invites you to come on the journey with me and I’ll try to show you the ways I’ve found around the boulders, slippery shale and crevasses on the way.

I would also like to introduce a semi-regular feature of interviews with people I go to for research.  I haven’t quite worked out what to call this or how often I’ll be able to manage it, but I know I’m fascinated by people who KNOW things and I figure other writers are too.  (Friends with skills, if you’re reading this, be afraid, I WILL be coming for you!)

One feature that I didn’t manage as well as I wanted to last year was the First Friday Wordfest (mostly because I kept forgetting it was the first Friday).  So this year I will be moving the Wordfest posts to Monday and doing them whenever I think of wonderful words that I want to share!

Finally, one of my most popular series of posts last year was the ‘what makes a man sexy?‘ set.  So I might try a few more along those lines, in the context of characters.

And I think that’s enough to be going on with for now!  I have plans for Wednesdays and Fridays too, but they can wait.  With any luck you’ll come back to find out what they are! 😉

So, what about you? What are YOUR plans for this year?  If you’re a writer, what are you going to do with your year? (NB: There are some great tips for focusing on Valerie Parv’s Monday mentoring blog today.)  Tell me your plans. (Imagine seductive, impossible-to-resist voice. Go on! You’re a writer after all! 😉 )

17 thoughts on “It’s 2013: So, what now?

  1. That’s quite a list, Imelda! I can’t see much beyond getting another book out with Destiny and finishing my Single Title. Okay, so I want to write another category length as well 🙂 I’m also going to be blogging more as I’ve found I actually enjoy it. Who knew?

    • Soooo, not so different from mine then, Lou? Hehehe. Good to have a list! It took me ages to work out that a list is a work in progress – not a wishing device, not magic, but not an instrument of bashing up either. Just a plan, to be used and adjusted as necessary. Best of luck with yours! I will be watching your progress with cheering!

  2. After celebrating the early release of my debut novel, White Ginger, yesterday, I’m aiming to publish another late this year and finish writing and sub two other wips. I am building momentum on my blog with the introduction of a guest blog every Sunday on what inspires my fellow writers. Speaking of which, I’d love to have you feature one Sunday if you can fit it into your schedule?

    Smaller, bite-size goals are the key for me. And you’re right, Imelda, goals are planned, not dreamed about. Love your new look blog too!

    Here’s to well-laid plans. (cyber toast!) Cheers.

  3. Imelda, I’m very excited about ‘So you want to be a writer?’
    I love what you’re up to in the New Year!
    If there is ever anything I can answer about “How would I, as a costume designer, dress this story’s character in a film or TV presentation?”, I’d love to.
    I’m into ch3 of “Rules Are For Breaking”

    • Hope you enjoy it, Rita! I’m basically going to pack in all the stuff I’ve learned the hard way in the hope that even if others have to learn it the hard way too (because some things I think you just have to) they can be reassured that they aren’t alone! 🙂

  4. It’s about time I paid you a visit! I’m with you on the new year’s resolution issue, but nonetheless, I’m impressed with your list of goals.. and for the way you are going about achieving them! Wish you much success, Imelda – and a great year ahead.

  5. Oh how great to have someone in your corner who knows costumes and dress? Resa McConoghy sounds wonderful.
    Great to hear your goals for 2013 Imelda. Best of luck with them. I’m currently trying the Novella idea too and I’m enjoying it.

    • Good on you Lily! I think a change really can be as good as a holiday. I’m sure that’s why new stories hold such appeal when the going gets tough in our current story! And I’m intrigued by the challenge of the short length. It’s almost like the poetry of the novel. Both the story and the words have to be pared back to essentials. I think I might enjoy giving it a go. Resa has a blog: which you might like to check out. Her latest post is about her amazing grafitti dress. Thanks for visiting, Lily!

  6. I’ll certainly ‘take a look’ at your new series however, right now I’m not quite out of ‘Holiday Mode’. My man’s home for another week and family are still visiting…!
    Give me another week or two and I may be able to put better pen to paper..! ‘Til then, I’m here and there and somewhere in-between…!
    I’ve enjoyed my first look at your blog. All the best for 2013… 🙂

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