Cross-eyed and behind

Behind the eight-ball, behind the times, behind on my to-do list – just behind!

I have helped to graduate approximately 4,500 students in the last week or so.  This has involved leaving the house with the commuters, driving into the city and spending five and a half hours at this lovely place:

Picture from Wikipedia

Picture from Wikipedia

most of it on my feet and all of it concentrating hard.  The job I do is on stage with the Chancellor and the Deans, helping to make sure that the right names are read with the right degrees and the student gets the right piece of paper.  It sound simple enough, but it can be tricky when you have many hundreds of graduands at a time.  And you know, when some of them have difficult names, like this girl:

This is why, at Melbourne University, they don’t let the students fill in their own pronunciation cards for the Deans to read… (Doesn’t mean we don’t laugh when it happens at someone else’s ceremony, though…)

Was it more than a lot of people do regularly? No. But I am out of practice with the whole drive-commute thing and graduations are very intense and it really took it out of me.  With the result that, all the other things that were on my list to do have fallen WELL behind.

So tonight, instead of finishing a stack of shiny blog posts and doing the draw for the pretty bangle and the like, I am frantically wrapping presents that should really have been posted today, but will now have to go tomorrow and wondering when I can go to bed.

I am hoping that, tomorrow, once the post is gone, I will be able to do the draw, do some proper posts and catch up!  But in the meantime, if you are looking for some good Christmas presents, don’t forget books, e and paper.  There are many lovely books out there, new and old, just waiting to beguile your break, or soothe your working days.

If you are in Australia or NZ, all the Destiny Romance titles, including Rules are for Breaking are on special, through all the outlets and they are now available worldwide.  So if you are getting or giving a Kindle or Kobo or iPad mini or other reading device for Christmas, they’d be a great place to start!

If you were a student this year, I hope your results were all you desired and that next year is shaping up well!

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