Forgive the squealing, I’m a bit excited!

Okay, Friday is supposed to be a favourites post, but I have had some good news and I really want to share.

First, and most importantly, my book, my little romance which Destiny Romance took a chance on, is now officially available worldwide!

Rules are for breakingIf you’re on Amazon or Apple, and can buy from the US or UK sites, I believe it’s completely good to go!  It’s been a bit of a wait, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce this.

But wait, there’s more!

Grand Gift Ideas from Penguin

Yesterday, I discovered, in the Penguin email newsletter that they think my book is a Grand Gift Idea! (Note capitals!)  There are a couple of other books in the newsletter, it’s true, but the prettiest one is in the bottom right corner.  Scroll down and you’ll see!

On top of all of that, lest Australian readers think they’re being left out of the good news, Destiny is having a sale on all of their titles (because much as I love my book, there are actually some other authors in the line and a big variety of romances and they’re lovely) from the 16th of December through to the 17th of January.  The reduced prices will be available through all the Australian retail sites as well as the Destiny site, so if you were planning on getting someone an e-reader for Christmas (or you get one yourself) this is a great time to stock up on some holiday reading at great prices!

So, it’s party and giveaway time here at Wine, Women and Wordplay.

I have been putting together an email mailing list so that I could let people know when there’s news (just in case they don’t check the blog every couple of days 🙂 ).  I already have some people on the list and they have already gone into the draw for this gorgeous bangle

Pand two copies of my book.  Since the news is now out, I will be closing the competition early next week and doing the draw then.  So if you want to go into the draw, sign up now!  The form is here.

And now I’m out of news, finally!  So, because it’s Friday, I will share a favourite thing, in the form of this song, by the very talented Emiliana Torrini.  It suits my mood!

Thanks for reading and avagoodweekend!

16 thoughts on “Forgive the squealing, I’m a bit excited!

    • Oh lordy, did I do it again??? I’m a shocker for typing homophones and I have lost count of the number of times I’ve typed drawer for draw. No, you certainly aren’t in the drawer, or not that I’ve noticed!

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