If I get around any more, people will start to talk…

Today, it’s 12/12/12.  Which is cool and interesting and lead me to apocalyptic-style thoughts.  So I took them over to the Romance Writers of the Apocalypse and had my say.

(Or, you know, maybe it was my turn. 😉 )

If you’d like to know where they led me, and join in the slightly macabre discussion, you’ll find it here.

Might see you there!

Cheers, Imelda

5 thoughts on “If I get around any more, people will start to talk…

  1. The end of the world’s on the 21st. According to the Mayans. The silly thing is there have been official calendar changes since the Mayans predicted our demise; Julian, Gregorian etc. So the 21st of the Mayan’s diaries is different to ours. Still, I do truly believe it’s all over on the 21st. I’ve got my tins of tuna ready for the long haul (I have a hole I dug in the ground to cilmb into ready). Cripes, Imelda, I got a “Content Warning” sign I had to agree to before reading your post. I are scared.

    • The content warning wasn’t so much for my posts. It is well known that I am the token boring person in the Apocalyptic crowd and they are only keeping me to throw to the hordes, come the day. But when they’re not ending the world – or indeed when they are – they often indulge in high-class writerly smut and hence the warning. They swear they will eventually drag me to the dark side – assuming we have time before the Apocalypse.

      And re the calendars, yes, I’m sure I read somewhere that if you adjust for calendars the Mayan apocalypse actually happened approximately 4 years ago last Tuesday.

    • Why thank you. I got tired of the unrelieved turquoise, pretty though it is. It’s a photo of roses I took in a lovely town called Boise in the USA. They were growing in an old prison, but I feel that shouldn’t be held against them…

  2. I don’t have time to go to The Romance Writers Of The Apocalypse, but “Rules Are For Breaking” is now in my Kindle reader.
    I’m starting a TV pilot on Friday, but will have time over the Christmas week to read it.
    I am very excited!

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