How a horse race made me forget what day it was and an interview!

Ahem.  Apparently, I forgot that yesterday was Wednesday.  This is because Tuesday here was Melbourne Cup day.  Which, because I live in Melbourne, was a public holiday.

Yes, the Melbourne Cup is a horse race.  And we have a holiday for it.  And we have the cheek to say that other places are mental! 😉  If memory serves me right, it used to be a holiday NATION-WIDE.  I feel I should say this is shocking, but actually I find it kind of endearing.  There is too little eccentricity left in the world.

For those who have never been, this little video gives you some feel for what it’s like.

Some do come for the racing, but most come for the party. Many, many people descend on Flemington, frocked to the nines (or dressed up in costumes, if that’s how they roll) and proceed to drink and bet the day into submission.  There are so many people indeed, that some don’t even bother trying to get in, but bring their picnic baskets and four-wheel drives and have their party in the carpark.  I kid you not.

But for others, it’s ALL about the frock.  And the ludicrous hat.  The more ludicrous the better.  And the completely nonsensical high heels.  If you’re a woman and you aren’t crippled by the end of the day, you just aren’t trying hard enough, in the footwear department.  Should you ever find yourself sharing a train carriage in Melbourne full of young women in slightly bedraggled finery, with their shoes in their hands and their bare feet glowing like rivets on the dirty floor, you’ll know it’s the end of Melbourne Cup day.

So important is the fashion, that they even have a hotly contested competition called Fashions on the Field, weather notwithstanding…

So with all this excitement, is it any wonder that I forgot what day it was?

Oh okay, I wasn’t there.  I was making 38 bottles of lemon cordial from scratch for the school fete.  But I watched the race!

And then, I discovered that this interview that I did for Destiny Romance, was up on their website.  I think it came up okay, but after having paused it several times I now know why happy snaps of me at parties always look dodgy.  For your amusement, you might like to stop it 0.18, 1.29 and 3.41.  One day the wind will change, then I’ll be sorry!  Hope you like it!

Have a great Thursday!

13 thoughts on “How a horse race made me forget what day it was and an interview!

  1. Enjoyed your interview. How did it feel when you were doing it? Love your final answer, Imelda. I think that’s what is important for most of us.

    • Thanks, I’m glad it meant something to you! It’s all very true for me. How did it feel? A bit nerve-wracking. I was afraid I had talked WAY too quickly. I talk fast at the best of time and under pressure can be a bit like a gatling gun! I was in that sort of hyper-aware, jittery state that comes with performance when you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing! I have been filmed before, which made it a bit more relaxed that it might have been. Although, having said that, the camera-man was a love who was very good at putting one at ease, which helped a lot.

  2. “If you’re a woman and you aren’t crippled by the end of the day, you just aren’t trying hard enough, in the footwear department.” bwhahaha! Please tell me why our counterparts aren’t subjected to this kind of torture! I wonder if it’s vanity that steers us or lack of common sense. These days, I’m happy to go anywhere in flats. If the event is extra special, I might be inspired to wear kitten heels even if that means I’m a grouchy kitten by the end of the night. Yep, a lack of common sense and vanity, I’m sure! ha! I loved the interview! 🙂

    • Thanks, Bella! I know, it’s mental, isn’t it? The shoes, I mean. ESPECIALLY for the races. I mean, not only are you on your feet all day, but you have to walk on grass. I quite like heels, but these days I go for stacked or wedged ones, not stilettos. Or at least a big enough handbag to carry some alternative flats in for when it gets too much. I’m sure some of the drinking that goes on at these affairs (and it can get quite beyond the pale) is women trying not to feel their feet!

    • Yes, Rita, it is. There are many many books that involve love stories but to be classified as a romance, it must have a happy ending. In past times, that would usually mean a wedding, but it’s not as stringent now. ‘Happy for now’ is enough in some romances. But generally, what the audience for romances want is to feel that this relationship will last the distance. Romance readers are often wide readers and it’s not that they require a happy ending to all romantic relationships in other genres, but when they turn to Romance novels, they do want the assurance, that no matter what horrors the protagonists go through to get there, in the end, they will have a happy ever (or close to) after. Mess with that expectation at your peril!

      Books that deal extensively with relationships but that don’t guarantee a happy ending are usually marketed as ‘women’s fiction’ or chick lit. Both of those terms have limitations (and irritations) and that’s not to say that books marketed that way are only or even mainly about relationships. But the labels serve to differentiate from straight romance for the benefit of reader expectations.

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