Search Engine Funtimes

On this blog’s dashboard, there is a section that tells you what people typed into search engines that led them to this blog.  Often, mine are quite ordinary.  People have googled my name or something equally unsurprising.

But this week, I have had a bumper crop of search engine terms that made me wonder.

What, for example, were these people looking for, and did they find it?

How did juan antonio samaranch inspiration women

wordplay made from great gatsby

I can kind of understand how

x files coat

led them here, (I do love a good coat) and I know what post

Fairy tales of women salons

led to, but I’m a long way from knowing what they really meant by it.

I hope that

women who made their blogs well known

is prophetic and I was quite delighted to find

Girl with books in hand

led to me.

But I am at a loss to understand why Mr Google thought that the people who typed in:

smiles for email sexy

mansexy cop

would want to come here.

But none of these are a patch on my favourite (I swear I didn’t make this up):

Full fathom five+pollock

So, what weird search terms have you come across?  Or what weird results have you got while googling?  I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg…

And while you’re thinking, here’s a little Friday tune to bop you into the weekend…

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15 thoughts on “Search Engine Funtimes

  1. I constantly get visitors from ‘things to write on twitter’ or something similar ,so I wrote a blog post that said, if you need to google ‘things to write on twitter’, you shouldn’t have a twitter account.

  2. Wicked, innit! Although I hate Maroon 5 (sorry!). I did a post 9 months ago or so about silly inventions that haven’t been invented. Shrews for shoes, a door mouse door, boars for a door… the usual silly stuff. For some reason this is my most viewed post by a million miles; it’s a search engine phonominen… phonomonom? Fenononom? One of those. No one has even “liked” this post, so I think it’s inventors looking for a Get Rich Quick sheme and being annoyed to find me messing about. It’s cool to see your “x files coat” thing from former bloke posts. Mulder says; “The truth is out there.” Scully mutters, “My coat is better.”

    • You are entitled to hate whatever you want, Mr W! I just find that particular number very catchy and it amuses me that the young things are singing a song about a man old enough to be their great grandfather… I love the idea of your frustrated inventors gnashing their teeth in the darkness of their rooms at your levity. I think there’s a story in that, too, although maybe that’s just the NaNo talking. How is yours going?

      • Da, I have been able to start proper this weekend! Got my idea sorted so one shall stick to 2,000 words a day avec. Work has gotten in the way so far. Aiming for 5,000 words by tomorrow evening. How’s yours going?!?!? I can picture thousands of folk sitting around punching their laptops in fury! And lots of success too.

        • I have some words down (have to check exact number) but I have been spending the weekend setting myself up, clearing some emails and so on and planning out the rest of the month. I have several unavoidable commitments this month, so I’ve been doing the sums of what I need to do when to make the numbers. I am determined! 5000 this early in is good going. Keep it up!

    • for me, too, Malvina! I’m still wondering about that full fathom five one. A quote from the Bard’s weirdest play and a 20th century poet and me… there could be a story in it! 😉

  3. I often get weird search strings finding my blog – I mean, people looking for weird stuff that I know very well doesn’t exist on my blog. But Google points to the blog anyway, like ‘The argonath desktop’ or ‘crazy tricks gif’, or ‘lemmy in top gear’. Sorry, no such beasties on my blog.

    Also ‘Polymoog pitch controller’, but I actually did blog on that one…:-)

    • I bet the polymoog pitch controller sits at the argonath desktop, though! Okay, I think you win that one. At least most of mine were real words! Ah, Mr Google. He moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. 😉

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