How technical issues doth make twits of us all but bling makes it better…

To all my dear readers who DON’T reside Down Under, I must apologise.

When I said my new e-baby would be available on the 15th of October, in the bright and sparkly year of 2012,  it appears I got a little ahead of myself.

It IS available, though various outlets in Australia, but it will be a leetle while longer before it can be had in t’other places.  Apparently we need to allow the little baby bytes of book to finish blinking and getting accustomed to the light before we send them on such long journeys.  (Oh all right, that’s not the real reason, but the real reason is technical and publish-y and not very interesting.)

Me, feeling a little sheepish…

Which is all a bit sad (and embarrassing for Miss going-off half-cocked over here), so I thought I needed to come up with something to make the wait worthwhile.


Here’s how it works:

Those of you who commented on last week’s post about my release day are already entered in the draw to win a copy of Rules are for Breaking (from provider of your choice when it becomes available in your region).  Commenting on today’s post will also enter you in that draw.

But now there’s more!

This little drama with the release dates has convinced me that I need to have a newsletter list, to make it easier for the lovely people who actually want the information about releases and so on to get it.


I am going to build an email list for an occasional newsletter.  It will only come out when I actually have news and I promise faithfully that I will never sell, distribute or otherwise pass on your email addresses to ANYONE.  Cross my heart and may all the leads fall out of my pencils if I tell a lie.

Sadly, I haven’t worked out how to do one of those nifty sign-up form thingies yet (it’s on the to-do list) so if you would like to be on the newsletter list, just leave a comment saying so, and make sure you leave your email in the box for it on the comment form and you’re in!

And to thank you for joining the list, there will be prizes!

Grand prize will be this lovely thing:

Do you like it?  I chose it because it has hearts (for the romance, natch), it is vaguely reminiscent of a bangle that appears in the book and because (most importantly) I can send it anywhere in the world.

Up for winning will also be a copy of the book (or two, depending on how many people sign up for the newsletter) hand-made bookmarks and maybe more… (the mystery is because I don’t have pics yet, because there is crafting to be done!)

The competition is open worldwide and will stay open until the book is definitely available worldwide (I’m being cautious this time).  I’ll give you notice before it closes.  To enter, just leave a comment saying you want to be on my newsletter list (making sure you leave your email) and you’ll be on the list and in the draw.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


Don’t forget, if you are in Australia, Rules are for Breaking is already available from Amazon, Apple and Kobo (and should be from Google Play, but the link is eluding me at the moment…)

15 thoughts on “How technical issues doth make twits of us all but bling makes it better…

    • One can but hope it will be awesome and thank you for buying the book. I’m all humbled and stuff and I do hope you like it, in spite of its sad lack of Zombies. If you come back on Friday, you’ll find out what I thought of yours… (btw, don’t fret about the missing email, I took it off the front page to save you from spam-bots, but I have it safe!)

  1. I’ll also be on the list thank you. Have bought the book twice now. My first copy downloaded to my cloud is still in the heavens somewhere. I started reading and then after taking a break could’t find it again. Second time I obtained a copy that is on my computer so I’ve tethered it this time! Now I’m stuck in front of the screen reading and ENJOYING. Congratulations!!

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