Hold the Phone: I’m available on pre-order!

As some of you probably know by now, my first novel is coming out (as an e-book) on Monday.

Yes, this Monday! The 15th of October!  I’m having difficulty believing it’s real.

But today I casually searched Amazon and found that I am up, scheduled for release on the 15th and actually available for pre-order.

That makes it real – but not any easier to believe, if that makes sense! 😉

Of course, I then went and checked all the other outlets where Destiny Romance books are available.  If you’re on a Mac, Rules are for Breaking can be found at iBooks, already. And after Monday, it should be on Kobo and Google Play as well.  (Heaven help me if and when I actually make a sale.  I may need to be forcibly removed from the modem.)

Now, much as I would love to think that all my lovely blog readers will charge out and buy a copy as soon as it is available, I do realise that not everybody is interested in contemporary romance.

I started my fiction adventure with romance because I had an idea that I thought might work.  That idea proved to be a little flawed and is still in the drawer, but it did lead me to create Jo, who turned out to have a story to tell that became the book above.

It’s a fun (I hope!) story about two pig-headed people who need to learn that they can’t run their love-lives the way they run their businesses if they want to find a happy ending.  It takes them a while. 😉

If that sounds like something you might like, please have a look.  And if the ‘romance’ tag is the only thing that’s holding you back, think of it as ‘fun fiction about fabulous women – and the men they get mixed up with’.

(Fun Fiction about Fabulous Women is my fiction tag-line.  What do you think?)

And if you like what you see, please leave a comment (make sure you leave your email address in the box provided).  All commenters on this post will be entered into a draw for a free copy.  And if you come back on Monday for the grand release-day shenanigans, there’ll be another chance to win!

Hanging out for Monday!


28 thoughts on “Hold the Phone: I’m available on pre-order!

    • Thank you Morgan! It’s very sweet of you to come by, especially when I never told you how much I liked your YA which I cannot remember the title of just at the moment. Which reminds me that I must give it to herself to read…

    • Thank you Stephanie! And when can I expect to see your YA? Have I mentioned it’s one of my favourite genres? If you haven’t already done a post on why there is so much YA that appeals to adults, I’d love to see you do one!

  1. This is such FABULOUS news, Imelda…Will readers in the states have access to your book on Amazon (I tried the link for pre-order and it didn’t work)?

    • I sincerely hope so, Sahbina! I have no idea why the link didn’t work. The site is showing as the American Amazon – but it is possible that Amazon doesn’t do pre-orders out of country for publishers other than Amazon. I will check it again on the 15th your time and try to get a working link. I’ll get my cousin in the US to check it for me! Thanks for letting me know and for the congratulations. You’re such a doll!

    • OOOH! I love Murals! Will go and check it out. Thanks for the heads up on the link. It works from here. But I will get the American connections to check it once it is the 15th over there and see if it is working then. Travel safe, my dear.

  2. I know Peta has pre-ordered it and pre-ordered it for mum! But I can’t get it yet here in the US 😦 I’m so bummed. But trust me the moment I can get it I will! Congrats Imelda so pleased to be sharing release month with my cousin! And I come out a week after you!! Hugs xxx

    • I believe that’s the case, curse them! I know it will be available, just not sure when. I’m going to check that next week. I’m hoping it’s just pre-order that isn’t available. In any case, it will soon be available from the Destiny website. They’re beavering away on the back end so that it holds up for worldwide sales as I type. Should be up soon, I sincerely hope! And brilliant idea, I will order one of yours for my Mum. I’m so touched that Peta did that. I hope she likes it!

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