It’s school holidays: that’s my excuse!

Ah, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

For those lacking a classical education or a Catholic background, a rough modern translation would be ‘my bad’.

My posting has been erratic at best this week, and Friday’s post didn’t make it at all!  I’m sorry.  You see it’s school holidays and between later starts, spending time with the girl and trying to get some work done, my blogging has rather fallen through the cracks.  I have three posts half-done, but none got done in time to get up for Friday.

However, it is behind us now and I am hoping for better things next week.  In the meantime, just to prove that I’m telling the truth and I haven’t just been lollygagging about in my pyjamas while you’ve been blogless, here are some brownies, made and packaged for the girl to sell to raise money for a child sponsorship program in the Philippines which is supported by her school.

If you are interested, they are dark chocolate brownies with white choc chips, they’re very good and the recipe is here.

Hope you’re having a good weekend wherever you are and I’ll be back on target next week – promise!

🙂 Imelda

9 thoughts on “It’s school holidays: that’s my excuse!

  1. Excellent brownies. I’ll give you tuppence for the lot. Glad to hear the ankle biter has got some time off, now that winter approaches you all won’t have to do the Aussia salute as much. Get some avos in you to stay healthy! Arvo, anyway. Watch out for those Min Min Lights. Give it a burl! Hit your kick and go somewhere fun!

    This post was sponsored by Strine.

    • Ahem. Mr Wapojif, you do know that we come from a land downunder, where we are actually approaching summer, yes? Salute still very much to come! 😉

      Thank you for the offer of the tuppence, but they sold them all, so you’ll have to wait until next time for your lot. In the meantime, I’ll definitely watch out for the Min Min Lights, just as soon as I work out what they are…

      Yours, as ever, Imelda

  2. You know, Imelda, I’m not at all fond of the expression, “My bad.” It is grammatically incorrect. Now, if we could only bring back Mea Culpa. Maybe we’d educate our young in the process. After all, “mea culpa” has worked for hundreds of years. I don’t recall Shakespeare ever saying, my bad, did he? Incidentally, those brownies look scrumptious!

    • Aha, I have been sprung using the slang of the young persons! Of course, it is a grammatical disaster-area, which would usually prejudice me against it, but for some reason it amuses me. Perhaps it’s because I don’t hear it all that often here in Australia. If it were more prevalent it might grate!

      The brownies are pretty good, if I do say so myself. Luckily the girls sold them all, so I am saved from myself! 😉

      Thanks for dropping by!

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