She’s Baaaaack!


Hello, my lovelies!  I have MISSED you!

When I decided to go dark for a few weeks to focus on finishing my manuscript, it seemed sensible.  It was, in a way, but I found I missed the blogging more than I would have though possible after such a short time of doing it.  I missed sharing what’s going on.  The twitters and the book of faces are all very well, but they don’t allow me to rabbit on as I do here and have such good conversations.

(Although by all means, join me there if you are on:, and now, dog help me, for I have no idea how to drive it, also on Google+

So, I’m back.  The book isn’t quite finished (I was sick for some of my ‘dark’ time, which threw out the schedule) but it is very, very, very close and I have worked out a new time-management system that should allow me to blog AND get my wordcount done more reliably (I’ll let you know how that goes)!

Part of that is a re-jig of the blog schedule, which I will unveil next week (along with other things – I have news, I do, my pretties, stay tuned) and part of it is renewed focus and motivation.

The latter has come from a few places, but not least the wonderful Romance Writers of Australia 2012 conference.  It is always an inspiration and this time, at the risk of coming over all Juan Antonio Samaranch, it was the best ever!

There was learning, there was fun, there was hobnobbing with industry types, there was pitching and so much more, all of which you will hear about over the next few weeks (my brain it teems, with endless schemes).

There was also, for me, an active part in this year’s award dinner, as I received the above award.  It’s only a second, not a first, but I am still ridiculously proud of it.  The Single Title and Loving It award is RWA’s annual competition for the opening chapters of a full-length novel, either a romance or a story with romantic elements (mine was the latter).

It’s my highest finish in an RWA comp and given that the winner is already under contract, very encouraging!  And it happened surrounded by friends, many of whom also had wins.  It was just lovely.

But enough, for now!  I have many things still to do, after gallivanting off at conference, so I must go.  But I will be back on Monday and there will, as I hinted above, be news… (Visualise the sweeping cape and flashing, mysterious eyes for yourself. Ta. 😉  )


25 thoughts on “She’s Baaaaack!

  1. Good to see you back. Being in the UK, but with an Australian wife, I usually get your posts first thing in the morning when I (disgracefully, I know) check my emails in bed before getting up. But I often read out a choice line from your entries, and was saying just this morning that we hadn’t heard anything from you for a while. Congrats on the award – well-deserved, I’m sure

  2. I missed you so much! Congrats on your second place! I know your star will shine hugely one day.
    I’m at Toronto International Airport. My mom has taken very ill, never to go home again, and I’m off to see her for the weekend. I’ll be back on set for Monday, then flying back to her on the next weekend. Love is keeping me on my feet. I’m soooo glad you are back!

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