And then the blog went dark: for a little while

It’s conference season here in writer-town and my own favourite, the Romance Writers of Australia conference is coming up in just a couple of weeks.

One of the great features of the conference (and for more details on why the group as a whole is fantastic, see this post) is that I will get to pitch a book to an editor who might like it.

But in order to take advantage of that opportunity, the book in question has to be finished.  Since the one I want to pitch still needs some work, I am taking a few weeks off from blogging.

To all my regular readers (you know who you are and may your cotton socks and, indeed, all your apparel be abundantly blessed!) thank you for your patience while I abscond.

If you are new to my corner of the blogosphere, please feel free to stroll through the previous posts.  There are links to the right, or you can just scroll down.

Alternatively, if you are a writer, you might like this post on showing not telling (and the follow ups, here and here) or this one on beta readers.  Or if you fancy a discussion on what makes a man attractive, there’s this post or you could have some musical laughs here.

I will be back with a new writing post and a revamped posting schedule on Monday August 27.

In the meantime, I will still be on Twitter ( and will be updating my Facebook page, especially with news from the conference.

Thank you everyone for reading!

23 thoughts on “And then the blog went dark: for a little while

  1. And I will meet you AT conference! Looking forward to it.
    Best wishes as you finish your ms for pitching, and good luck with the pitch itself.

    • Thank you, Rick! It was effective, but I’m not doing it again. I missed everyone too much! I think in future I’ll try harder to get ahead so that I can schedule some posts and just keep up with comments while I’m busy. It seems the community is as important as the time!

  2. Hmmmm…. lengthy disappearance, madame. How about you accept some guest posts to fill the gap? I’d happily write one about my own personal feelings on why tautology is annoying.

      • That is Beans, she is my pet Chinese Dwarf Hamster. She says “Hello” (please note, due to not being able to speak she did not actually say this).

        Awesome, madame. It is actually my job to write Guest Posts so it t’would be of the highest quality and would contain no expletives at all! Hark! It’s a Bank Holiday in England so we are orf today. One shall be telepathically in touch.

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