Sunday Sounds

This week, I have been strangely obsessed with music.  Not that I don’t love it, in many forms and styles, but I normally avoid it while working.  This week, though, I had some old favourites on high rotation and in digging them out, I came across Extreme.

Extreme is basically a heavy metal band (or at least they were at the height of their fame in the late 80’s, early 90’s), but they achieved possibly their greatest hit with a gentle acoustic love song.  More than Words is a showcase for the superlative guitar of Nuno Bettencourt and the sweet voice of Gary Cherone and might be familiar, even if you have never heard the band name.  I find it quite inspiring when writing romance!

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible that the videos will have a loud and annoying ad at the start of them.  Just mute it until the proper video starts, is my advice.  All of these videos are black and white, so it’s easy to see when they start. (Note to VEVO – if you would match the music being advertised to the music being watched, your ads might be more effective.  Just sayin’…)

Another one of theirs that I love, also acoustic and suited to romantic creations, but more boppy, is Hole Hearted.

My other favourite, which isn’t a metal number either (I think I have picked the three least representative songs of their oeuvre!) is Tragic Comic, which is a little story in itself.

Extreme is still recording and performing.  You can find their website here and their music is available on iTunes and from their store.

Hope your Sunday is going well.

I’m off to listen to some Extreme and bite my fingernails for my writing friends in Anaheim waiting to see if they won RITAs!


The cute girl above is not me (although that’s what headphones looked like when I was her age) but was provided by

10 thoughts on “Sunday Sounds

  1. I worked a couple of shows with Gary Cherone back when I was playing out in Boston. Sweetest guy I’ve ever met, and incredibly humble. We all used to flip him shit about how much we hated More Than Words in high school, and he’d play along and give it back: “Yeah, but when I hear that song as I’m walking into the grocery store, I think to myself, ‘my groceries were just paid for!'” Wise-ass. 😉

    • That is very cool, Brian! He always seems lovely in interviews – nice to know that it’s true in real life as well. Thank you for sharing that story! And yes, I guess the best revenge is success, eh? Hehe.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Imelda. Ihadn’t heard them before either and enjoyed your selection. Depending on the scene I’m writing (and my mood), I sometimes play an album, or on the odd occasion, even a single song over and over until I’ve caught the mood I want. And music has been my saviour during the odd unpleasant time when I’ve needed to lose myself, as well as for celebrations.

    • That’s the only way I can play music while I’m working, Sue, is the same thing over and over. Otherwise I get distracted. I had forgotten, but I remembered this week that More than Words is one of the songs I have used in that ‘over-and-over’ playlist. I’m glad it’s not just me who does that! And I know what you mean about losing yourself. There’s nothing like music for transporting you out of yourself when you need to leave.

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