Friday Favourites: Judith Leiber Handbags

And now for something completely different…

The other day, I was hunting through some old photos on the computer for something and came across a digital bundle of shots I took on Rodeo Drive, LA, in the shop of the extraordinary Judith Leiber.

Judith Leiber (and her minions, one imagines) makes handbags – but not common or garden handbags.

She makes glorious, crystal-studded, work-of-art, collectors’-item confections of bags in the shape of dogs and turtles and ladybirds and, if you just can’t come at those, stunningly beautiful clutches (like the art-deco one below).

I spent a wonderful half hour in her shop, exclaiming, coveting and trying to work out if the credit card could take the strain of one of the ones on special.

I didn’t succumb that time, but one day, if my ship comes in, or if I have something truly amazing to celebrate, I just might.  They are expensive (think thousands, not hundreds) but at least, with these bags, I can see where the money is going.  There is an enormous amount of work in these creations.  And the staff in the shop were lovely to me and my girl, letting us look and admire and take photos and even giving us a close-up view of some of the on-special ones.  Some other upmarket brands should take note.

The bags pictured here probably aren’t available any more – they’re from a couple of years ago.  But if you have a spare few thou and want a statement bag, there is a link to Judith Leiber’s site above.

If you don’t have the dosh handy, just enjoy the pretties.  Let me know if you like them!

15 thoughts on “Friday Favourites: Judith Leiber Handbags

  1. What a treat. I luv, “And now for something completely different…” I’m very impressed with Judith Leiber purses, and your writing and pics. Hot, hot post! Working 14 with a ten hour turn around.

  2. Imelda, these bags are gorgeous! And I’m not even into bags! That said, I would love to parade around with the bee hive bag. I can’t think of a better way to make the statement, “I am queen bee!” ha! So wonderful that you were allowed to photograph the bags! 🙂

    • Wasn’t it lovely of them? I took photos from outside first, because I wasn’t sure they’d let me, but they were fine with it. The girl in the shop seemed tickled by how charmed we were. Maybe if you’re a real Rodeo Drive afficiando, you have to be all cool and unbothered by the fabulousness, but life’s too short for that kind of cool. We had a lovely conversation about how lovely it was for her to work among such beautiful things and the difficulties of resisting buying them for herself!

    • I know! Aren’t they amazing? No, I’m not sure they’d go with the trackie and jumper look I frequently adopt down here in the chilly south, either, which is why I couldn’t quite justify buying one. But they were very lovely to look at!

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