More Sunday Recipe Frolicking…

It’s still school holidays.  So I’m still at the zoo.  Or possibly the Museum.  Or the Art Gallery.  Or playing on the Wii.

So, in lieu of doing anything too strenuous for a Sunday post, I thought I would direct you to my other favourite recipe blog, The Nutrition Guru and the Chef.

These two are a couple and seem quite delightful and have delicious recipes that are also mostly healthy.  Really, there is nothing here not to like!

The picture above is of their tiramisu and if you click on the link you will be taken straight to that recipe.

Or, for all their sweet and savoury goodness, here’s the link to the blog proper:

The Nutrition Guru and the Chef.


14 thoughts on “More Sunday Recipe Frolicking…

  1. Cripes they look good. I’ve actually decided to go on a diet as I’ve been on some kind of cookie/skittles binge over the last two months. Maybe I should get Wii Fit. You should get Rayman Origins for your Wii if you haven’t, Imelda, it’s almost certainly The Best Thing Ever.

    • What, pray, is Rayman Origins? I warn you, if it is a proper gamer game, I am the worst of noobs at them. I can just about manage one of those Mario Kart jobs if I am allowed to crash about 15 times before dying…

      I’m not bad on the Wii Fit, though. Meditating is my best skill.

      • Rayman Origins is probably the best game on the Wii, in my opinion. It’s not a gamer’s game if you don’t want it to be. It’s fun on the run and you can just blast through the levels. World of Goo is another good one.

        • Purely on the name, I will have to try World of Goo! Re the other one, it’s not that I don’t want it to be a gamer game, it’s more that I have never done them and I am a teeny bit afraid that if I start, I will have yet another time-suck addiction on my hands! 😉

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