Look! I have a proper picture!

A while ago, when I started blogging and tweeting and all that jazz, I realised that the only headshot I had of myself was one I took with a webcam.  Consequently, that is the one I have been using as my web identifier.

Now, while the web-cam shot is passable at thumbnail size, I hope the time will come when I need a photo for the back of a book (oh, happy day!) so recently, I decided the time had come to do a little better.

So, with great fear and trembling, I took myself to the hairdresser and the makeup lady and the professional photographer and had some pictures took.

The photo above is the result.  I have some other nice ones too, but this is the one I think I’ll use to replace the web-cam one.

What do you think?

Oh and if you want a proper Monday writing post, Friday’s Wordfest sort of turned in one. It’s here, if you’re interested!

43 thoughts on “Look! I have a proper picture!

    • Thank you! It’s nice to have a nice photo of myself. I seem to have a genius for being the one with spinach in my teeth, or the one holding the camera, normally, so it’s a novelty!

  1. Hi,
    Very nice picture. I haven’t got that far yet. I mean with taking another picture, although I know i will soon need one. Just have not taken the time.

    • Thanks Patricia! It does take a bit of organising, it’s true. In my case, i also had a friend ‘hold my hand’ though the process. It made me less nervous! Good luck with finding the time. 😀

  2. I love the professional pic. You look very beautiful and I’d definitely give you a well paying job if I had one to give, but I miss you. I miss that scruffy, unmade-up you. Probably because when I sit down at my machine, it’s usually the end of a long day, in my ‘house clothes’, wine in hand, music on… there was something very relaxed and homely about the old you. … Just putting it out there, that I like you both ways.

    • I hear you! And in honour of you, I have reinstated the scruffy, un-made-up me, for the blog. After all, the FB and so on is my public face, but this is where I kick off my shoes and let my hair down (not that there’s much to let down, but you know what I mean). I love my pro pics, but since I often blog in my jammies, I must admit the au naturel one is more my real blog style. So she’s back, un-made-up and unrepentant and grateful for the reminder to keep it real. 😉

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