Last Friday Links: Book Bloggers are awesome

A little while ago, two very nice readers of this blog bestowed blogging awards on me.

I know that not everybody accepts these awards and I can see why.  I’m sure the popular bloggers get them several times a week and it would be impractical to accept them all.  But I am not yet there* and I like accepting them because it gives me an excuse to share links to blogs I love.  And I love blogs way more than I should or have hours in the day.

The two awards are these:

The Reader Appreciation Award was given to me by Tom Lucas.  He’s a lovely bloke who writes all manner of things. You can find his blog here (or by clicking on the picture).

The other came from Resa McConaghy, who is one of the sweetest people I have met in the blogsphere and also, to my low-maintenance, jama-clad self**, almost impossibly glamorous.  She’s a costume designer.  For real. She blogs about that, and her corner of Toronto at Queen’s End.

To accept them, I need to link to several other blogs and today, inspired by the titles of the awards, I am going with a theme.

All of the blogs listed below are devoted to books.  To reviewing them, to sharing them, to celebrating them.

I can’t think of any people more deserving of appreciation, by readers and writers alike, than book bloggers.  I am in awe of their (apparent) reading speed and ability to write good reviews.  I have never been good at it, and now that I write as well as read, I am paranoid that my response to books is too writer-focussed to be much use to readers.

So I am very grateful for these bloggers, who give us their time and skills.  Whether they accept the award or not is up to them and I won’t mind either way.  I just wanted to share the love. If you have some time, check them out. Leave a comment. Tell them you appreciate them.

My Friends Call Me Kate

Sassy Book Lovers

My Book Chatter

Books, Biscuits and Tea

Helenora’s Book Haven

The Book Bug

Read in a Single Sitting

Get Lost in a Story

Book’d Out

If you have others for me to add to my list, please let me know.  I know this is just a beginning and I would love to build my book blog link list.  Thank you!


*Frankly I am not yet sufficiently blase about people liking my work not to accept them.  I have never understood people who say ‘awards aren’t important’.  Yes they are!  It means someone likes you!  (Okay, I’ve just realised that made me sound like needy writer-girl, so I will stop now.)

**If you think I’m kidding, be glad you don’t have blog-o-vision.  I haven’t even had coffee yet.

15 thoughts on “Last Friday Links: Book Bloggers are awesome

  1. If I’m still in my jammies come three o’clock I start to feel a little bad. But by then I give up on dressing for the day, shower and put on new jammies. Maybe in Summer when the weather is warmer I’ll be more inspired to let more glamour into my life. Any hoo. Congratulations on your awards!!! And you have to love a blog that celebrates books. Or flocked Doc Martin boots. WANT.

    • Hehehe. It’s the cold weather! It’s true! When I sit down at the comp, it’s 7.30 in the morning. You can’t expect me to dress then; it’s still dark. And then, one thing leads to another… but I would put socks on if I had those boots. Yes indeedy!

  2. Congratulations on the awards! And more people blog in their pajamas than will admit it. Granted, I’m in my pjs at the end of he day while you are just waking up, but they are the most comfortable computer using clothes for sure. 🙂

  3. Okay, I rocked-out my Award night and nommed u. I don’t care about acceptances. Accept in a hundred years or never. I care that you know I’m wishing to read your first book.

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