Sunday Showcase: Introducing Tamara Gill

Thanks to everyone who commented.  The draw has now been done and Resa is the winner of a copy of an e-copy of A Marriage Made in Mayfair.  All commenters are still in the draw for the major prize to be drawn at the end of Tamara’s blog tour.

I’m very excited today to introduce a proper guest on Sunday Showcase!

Tamara Gill is an all-around sweetheart.  She is also an author of historical romance and a fellow member of the Romance Writers of Australia.

Her new romantic novella, A Marriage Made in Mayfair (isn’t the cover gorgeous?) has just been released and in its honour, Tamara is doing a blog tour, complete with PRIZES.  (Another first for Wine Women and Wordplay, thank you Tamara!)

Everyone who comments here will go into the draw to win an e-copy of the book and will also go into the draw for the grand prize, to be drawn at the end of the tour.  (To win, you need to provide a valid email address, so make sure you type it well!)  For more details, or to check out the other blogs Tamara will be visiting, go to her website

But now, on to the interview!

Romances are, first and foremost, stories about emotion.  Where does that emotional story start, for you? Is it with the heroine, the hero, or a (seemingly) doomed situation?

My stories always start with an emotional idea and it’s usually based on the dark moment between hero and heroine. (For people new to romance, this is the terrible moment near the end where all seems lost. Imelda.) Two characters will pop into my mind and be arguing over something terrible, and that’s where my story begins. I’ll then go back and start writing the beginning until I reach that point in the story.

Romance readers love a good hero  Did you have a visual or emotional inspiration for your hero in Mayfair? 

I LOVE Henry Cavill and he’s usually who I think of when I write about or describe most of my heroes. It may sound a little strange but I’ll never write a hero with blonde hair. I like them to be dark and foreboding…;)

I know some writers like to do detailed investigations of their characters before they start writing their stories.  Do you do that, or do you like to discover them as you go?  How much do you end up knowing about them and do they ever surprise you?

I’m a panster writer to the bone, so I find out everything I need to know about my characters as I write. I have tried to plot and plan, do character interviews etc, and I fail miserably. I end up staring at the computer screen with nothing on there, except the blinking cursor. Plotting tends to stall me completely and so I’ve given up on trying to convert myself. It isn’t going to happen. And I like writing the panster way, my characters will often surprise me and not want to do what I’d prefer them to do and it always makes for enjoyable writing.

What are five things we should know about the hero of A Marriage Made in Mayfair?

Five things you should know about Lord Danning.

  1. He’s a Viscount who’s fallen on hard times.
  2. He’s a man who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants.
  3. He’s very loyal.
  4. If he’s done something wrong he owns it and apologises.
  5. He’s handsome.

And that’s the end of the interview!  Read on below for a blurb and an excerpt from the book, or visit some of the other blogs on the tour for more peeks into Tamara’s process.  If you’d like more Tamara, you can also check out her other novellas:

To Sin with Scandal

A Captain’s Order – A Duke’s Command

And keep an eye on Crimson Romance  for her upcoming, longer releases: a Regency time travel (A Stolen Season) and a medieval time travel romance (Defiant Surrender).


Miss Suzanna March wished for one thing: the elusive, rakish charmer, Lord Danning. But after a frightful first season such dreams are impossible. That is until she returns to London, a new woman, and one who will not let the ton’s dislike of her stand in her way of gaining what she wants: revenge on the Lord who gave her the cut direct…

Lord Danning, unbeknown to his peers, is in financial strife and desperate to marry an heiress. As luck would have it, Miss Suzanna March fits all his requirements and seduction is his plan of action. Yes, the woman who returned from Paris is stronger, defiant, and a little argumentative, but it does not stop Lord Danning finding himself in awe and protective of her.

But will Suzanna fall for such pretty words from a charmer? Or will Lord Danning prove to Suzanna and himself that she is more than his ticket out of debtor’s prison…?


“Suzanna, I do apologize. Here,” Royce said, leaning down and pulling her to stand. “I would never have barged in had I known you were standing behind the door.” He watched her right her clothes as best she could before she turned, sauntered over to a basin of water, and tried to wipe the remains of her dinner from her gown.

Suzanna glared at him over her shoulder as a blob of sauce dropped and splattered onto the floor. “My clothes are already soiled, so landing on the floor for a second time this evening will not matter.”

His eyes stole over her ruined apparel and the sad, unsure woman he had known last year stared back at him across the room. An ache settled in his chest at the dishevelled picture she made. All of which was his fault. Had he not tried to fluster her by touching her leg, she would not have suffered such humiliation.

“I apologize if my actions earlier this night upset you to the point you spilled—”

“My drink. All over the table before falling on my backside in front of the dinner guests I was trying to impress. Since,” she walked over to him and poked his chest with a finger, “the society I had initially graced wanted naught to do with me and all because of a certain pompous, arrogant, high-in-the-instep lord.”

Royce sighed. Her tone did not bode well for his plan to win Suzanna and make her his wife. “Like I said, I apologize. Perhaps for me to make amends, you would agree to a ride in the park tomorrow. I believe the weather is to be congenial.”

“Unlike the company,” she stated, with a narrow, piercing stare that could have turned him to ash on the Aubusson rug beneath his boots.

“There’s no need to be….” Her eyes narrowed further as Royce cut off what he was about to say. He doubted his suggestion that she should be polite would place her in a more pleasant mood.


Tamara Gill’s love of history started from an early age, but her reading of historical romances only began when home on maternity leave with her second son. Her writing career started as a hobby but soon turned into an obsession that is still going strong. Member of Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America, South Australian Romance Authors and The Beau Monde keep her occupied and focused on her craft and the changing trends of readers. Tamara lives in the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia and enjoys hearing from readers and writers alike.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Showcase: Introducing Tamara Gill

  1. Love the cover, elegant but sexy. It sounds like Lord Danning has a real challenge on his hands with Suzanna. You’ve hooked me, Tamara.
    Well done, Imelda

  2. I’m ready for another good historical and I love this cover, Tamara. All the best.
    Thanks for hosting, Imelda. Great blog, as always.

  3. Thanks Imelda and everyone for dropping by today! It’s lovely having so many people come and read about my book and have a little chat. I’m a little late to the party, we went away on holi’s today, but I made it eventually. Check back tomorrow to find out who won a copy of A Marriage Made in Mayfair. Good Luck everyone!!!! 🙂

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