Sunday Hiatus

In case anyone has noticed, I have been very slack with the Sunday posts of late.
(But look! Pretty picture of pretty sugar! I’m compensating! Kinda…)

This is for two reasons:

One is that my family had jacked up about the Twittering Blog Face activities and started insisting on me paying them some attention on the weekends.  (You want me to clean up the yard and go and buy a barbecue?  Oh, OKAY…)

The other is that I am trying (with only moderate success to date) to write an unprecedented number of words in the RWA 50k in 30 days challenge this month.

With the result that Sunday posts have become unreliable.

I hope normal service will resume, but for the time being, Sunday posts will be a moveable feast.  If you want to be updated when there is one*, there are follow buttons on the top right of the home page, and I always put up links to them on my Facebook page and Twitter account.

Thanks so much for reading my blog.  It’s such a joy to know that I’ve amused or diverted or assisted in some small way.  I get a real kick out of it.

Happy Sunday


*I feel ridiculous writing this – as if you spend your life waiting for a Sunday blog post from me! Hardly. But one doesn’t like to be unreliable…

15 thoughts on “Sunday Hiatus

    • You crack me up! (And, in the tiny corner of my mind that thinks you could be serious, make me paranoid.) Thank you, although the ‘day off’ is partially, today, spent in doing tax things. I’d rather be blogging, but want to clear the decks for the second two weeks of 50k!

    • Thanks, Rita. I should have done it sooner, but for the last two weeks, I actually intended to get something up, then found the day just got away from me! Once I have this book done, I might try to write a bunch of Sunday posts, so I can be more reliable.

  1. I usually spend my Sunday mornings in a coffee house catching up on lots of blogs from over the week so take your time. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the sweet “Tweet” yesterday. I’ll read your blog any time you feel like writing one. Hey I start a new job next week, and my time won’t be my own any more, either.

    • Ooh, cool! About the job, that is. You know I think your job is amazingly glamorous, don’t you? (And yes, I know it’s work and probably not glam at all really, but I love THINKING that it is!)

      And re the tweet – meant it!

      • My job has it’s glam moments. It also has very intense, pressure filled days on end.I start a new one next week, so summer will be busy. I think being a writer would be more satisfying, hence the blogging when I have time.

            • What for? I just meant that we tend to be pasty, indoorsy types, who blink and mutter when dragged into the light and blink and tremble when required to get frocked up and looked at. It’s what comes of working in your pyjamas, you see… Not so fabulous in the glam department. Although I do know some notable exceptions.

              I reckon your job is a bit like my old job, hospitality. All go while it’s on, with everyone wanting a piece of you. Exhilarating when it’s going well, hell when it’s not and exhausting pretty much all the time. Writing can be hellish too, but it’s mostly hell you give yourself. It’s more solitary which is both a good and bad thing! It IS very satisfying when it’s going well. And there’s the jammie factor… 😉

  3. I should imagine making sugar go that colour is pretty time consuming, too. However, this 50 thousand words in a month is a mighty challenge! Best of luck to you, and you can always resort to “and then they went” if you get the horror that is writer’s block.

    I had an incredibly productive Sunday! The Prime Minister of Australia is following me on Twitter! I even sent Julia Gillard a message saying “hello”, to which she’s not responded yet. No idea what her political agenda is but that’s the most high profile follower I have! Apart from you, Imelda Evans, of course. I am distressed that Eddie Izzard isn’t following me back, though. Tsk.

    • Get out, really? I think Julia is slightly more high-profile than me. Thank God! I wouldn’t want her job. But if she is following, surely Eddie is only a matter of time? He wears at least as many dresses, so they have other things in common…

      And as to the sugar, I KNOW! How weird/cool is it? I had to have some. I haven’t used much yet, but I have plans for irridescent cupcakes.

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