I’m tryng this this weekend. Probably healthier than my brownies! 😉

The Nutrition Guru and the Chef

A decadent chocolate treat that is a healthy alternative to normal chocolate puddings…AND super easy to make

This is a little beauty This recipe is a ‘one bowl wonder’ only taking 5 minutes of your time. Best thing is, there’s hardly any washing up.

We have devised a healthy version, and a slightly  naughty version. You take your pick, you will find options throughout the recipe.

  • We have replaced butter with olive oil to provide heart healthy monounsturated fats
  • We have used lots of cocoa powder which is rich in antioxidants and very low in fat and no sugar, instead of lots of chocolate which is high in fat and sugar
  • We have replaced sugar with Natvia (an all natural sweetener) or Rapidura (a low GI sugar). You can find lots of great information on Natvia on their website here. It has 0.6calories per teaspoon as opposed to sugar which has 16…

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