What makes a man sexy: It’s all about the coat…

Previously, these ‘sexy’ posts have been moderately serious, but to heck with it, it’s Friday, so I’m going a bit more old-school with the sexy characteristics today.

Today, it is all about the coat.  Seriously, lads, get yourself a coat.  In support of my argument, I offer, first, from the shimmering firmament that is the work of Joss Whedon:

Spike (From TV’s Buffy and Angel, played byJames Marsters)

and Captain Mal Reynolds (from Firefly, played by Nathan Fillion)

Then, because, apparently, I can’t do these posts without a Dr Who reference, I give you Dr Number 10, played by David Tennant (OIWBST*)

Interesting note: in finding the picture above, I discovered that you can actually buy a copy of his coat.  An OFFICIAL copy (click on the picture for the link).  I think my case about coat sexiness is made. But just quietly, guys, trying to ape someone else’s coat is not going to cut it.  It’s all about OWNING the quirky clothing choice.  Making it YOURS. Buying Dr Who’s coat will not make you David Tennant.  Trust me on this.  (And see the first ‘sexy‘ post on smiles for a more reliable method…)

And I can’t leave out the indefatigable, omni-sexual, all gorgeous, Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman. (Just a thought: do you reckon if I mention David Tennant and John Barrowman enough times, they’ll come visit the blog? Or is that me dreaming again? ;))

Finally, just to prove that it isn’t only me who feels this way about coats, check out these two wonderful videos made to showcase the excellent coat-flinging of Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock.

Do you have any favourite sexy clothing items?  Share!  (Nicely! This is a family show! ;))


*OIWBST stands for Officially, Internationally, Women’s Business, So There!  Cause he is. 😛

Original coat

26 thoughts on “What makes a man sexy: It’s all about the coat…

    • It’s a great update. I love what they’ve done with it and the Cumbersnatch and Martin Freeman are both fabulous. I love the bit of dialogue at the end of that second video!

  1. Mulder in the X-Files always wore a MASSIVE great big coat. Clearly this was his way of attempting to woo Scully. She responded by wearing an equally vast coat, perhaps in an attempt to disguise her feminine wiles through androgynous dress. Or, you know, maybe it was, like, really cold everywhere they went.

    • Way to rain on the sexy parade, Alex! 😉 I think in their case, it was mostly cold. Although you may be onto something with the androgynous disguise. They did have to maintain URST for about 7 seasons…

  2. This reminds me of one of my favourite Tom Waits songs in which he advises, ‘never trust a man in a blue trench coat’. I note that none of the above are wearing blue. Appropriate. As such they look shagable, I mean, trustworthy.

    • Hehehe! Yes, very trustworthy! Lets see: one vampire, three space travellers, and a misanthropic detective… as one of my favourite authors, Kerry Greenwood, is wont to say, unadvisable is not the same as undesirable! 😉

      • I’m revealing my sci-fi geekdom in saying that the vampire and the space cowboy are quite solid in their morales. However the Dr is too fickle and a misanthropic detective is only going to end in a broken heart. Let’s focus on shagability. And hats! I quite like a paperboy cap on a nice bloke. Irrespective of who and what he does, Brad Pitt shows us how the paperboy cap should be worn. While Johnny Depp shows us the right way to wear a fedora style hat. Both effective hats in my opinion.

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