I’d like to thank the Academy…

I feel a little like Sally Fields that time at the Oscars, when she said “You like me! You really like me!”  In the last week or so, I have been given two blog awards by two sweet fellow Blogistes.

The first is this one:

which was bestowed upon me by the lovely Lea of Lea at Sea, who has a charming blog about books and writing (and often, beautiful photos).

The second is this one:

which was given to me by the brave and mysterious ‘S’, who has undertaken, for the sake of her health, to eschew sugar forever more and is documenting the process in her blog, S Isn’t For Sugar.  Sooner her than me, say I, but I am following her progress with interest!

I’m very touched and would now like to spread the love by nominating some other blogs that deserve some lovin’.

Both of these awards come with the rules.  To accept, you must:

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. (Done!)
  •  Include a link to their blog. (click on the blue words above)
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. (only 15? – No, I have two, so I have 30!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the relevant Award (below)
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself
    (And no, I’m not doing 14. I’m just not that interesting and if you ask me to do 14, around about 9, I will start making things up. Do you really want to hear that I was born in the wagon of a travelling show and had to live on the flesh of snakes caught with my bare hands? No? Live with just 7, then.)

So, I will start with the list is of blogs below.  For the benefit of the time-poor (who isn’t?) and because there are a lot, I have divided them into loose interest areas, as well as by award.  I hope you find at least a few that you like!  The 7 things about me are at the end, should anyone actually be interested!

For the One Lovely Blog Award, I would like to nominate:

Art and Poetry
Dean J Baker, poet with the mostest.
The lovely Cynthia, poet, photographer and artist & Gerald, who has great pages of his paintings, which I like a lot, on his blog.
Tara, whose Poetry and Effrontery has a great name and connects me with my almost-forgotten study of poetry, as well as the practice.
Five Reflections for a rocking and apparently inexhaustible supply of Haiku.

Women’s Issues
Stella, prostitution survivor and advocate for others, with all my love and support for
My Body the City: The Secret Life of a Call Girl.

I cannot keep up with her posting – she posts several times a day, I don’t know how she does it!  But for a constant stream of inspiration and celebration of women,you can’t go past Lady Romp.

It’s not exactly women’s issues, but it’s one woman coping with being practically imperfect in every way in a world that wants us to be all things to all people.  She has recipes and rants and life and it’s always fun. Barely Poppins.

Pigtail Pals (I have posted about Melissa and what she is doing here).

Life in General
Daniel, at brooklynbite who writes about life in Brooklyn and I just like him.

Bella at One Sister’s Rant, who, in her own words, is engaged in ‘the race to discover answers to life’s rhetorical questions before I die, lose my mind, or forget how to spell’.

For an insight into the life of a woman with Aspergers, visit Everyday Aspergers.

For pretty, pretty things,have a look at The Glass Lantern

Go follow Alena at The Time is Write, because she’s honest and she’s funny!

Gorgeous short fiction at writersclubkl.

Versatile bloggers

You can’t get much more versatile than my cheese-mate, Chris from rileysrandomreview.  He posts on everything from satire to music and is very sound on the subject of cheese.

For writers of a crimey bent, or anyone interested in the modern face of crime and law enforcement, you must subscribe to CrimeDime.

Don’t know where to put Louise Beheil.  She is a writer, but also a therapist and she blogs about therapy-oriented things, like functional families.  Her posts are of interest to me both personally and for character development.  So, Writing? Life? Family Issues?  All of those – definitely a versatile blogger!

Katie, who wants to ‘show young girls and women how they can establish a loving, trusting, and healthy relationship with food’ after struggling with that herself, has a delightful, delicious blog called OnShineOn (you heard the delicious part, right?).

A new Australian blog, The Nutrition Guru and the Chef. to which I am already addicted. Oh, the deliciousness! And healthy too!  Come to my arms, my beamish blog!

For food with a side order of medical speciality, check out Domestic Diva, MD. It will be weird. And tasty.

For one of the best and most prolific reviewers on the web, you must go and visit Book’d Out.  She’s a dynamo!

The indefatigable Chuck Wendig at Terribleminds on writing and life and life as a writer.
The sweet Kristen Lamb on social media and publishing in the brave new world.
The also sweet Kristin Nelson on agenting & publishing (& great links to other blogs).
She who is caffeinated, Catherine, Caffeinated, on self-publishing.
For always thoughtful and useful posts, M J Wright is your man.
For writing, life and all manner of interesting things, Jenny Hansen is your girl.
The multi-multi published romance maven Valerie Parv is always worth listening to.
Also, the very sweet Liza Kane, writer, has already received this award, but check her out anyway!

Now, 7 things about me:

1. Although neither a spring chicken, nor fit, I have recently taken up karate.
2. I have my first grading this week!
3. I drink coffee and tea and herbal infusion-y things.  I am omni-beveragal.
4. I used to be a blonde.
5. I like Jane Austen and Elmore Leonard (among others).
6. I wear a lot of black.
7. I’m lousy at writing lists like this!

Hope you enjoy exploring some of these! Happy Sunday!

25 thoughts on “I’d like to thank the Academy…

  1. I do not know HOW you are able to keep up with so many blogs (all of which sound very interesting btw) and still write/work. I’ve been contemplating the eventual possibility of maybe writing a blog somewhere down the track (trust I make myself clear!) but have lately struggled even with just plain writing on top of work. What is the secret of this alternate universe – please…someone tell me!
    And I do enjoy your blog, Imelda, along with several others I read and try to respond to fttt.
    Look forward to your next one!

    • I don’t keep up with all of them all of the time, Sue! Truly not enough hours in the day. But you probably noticed many of them are WordPress blogs and WordPress has a reader. So I can scroll through all the new posts and drop in on the ones that interest me. It’s a bit like Twitter. You have to go look when you have time, deal with what you can and walk away from the rest. You CAN’T keep up with all of them. Lists, readers, tools like TweetDeck, are really necessary! Also, writing IS my day job, which helps!

      • Also, Sue, I don’t do Pinterest, I have barely touched Goodreads and am not a member of GooglePlus or any other sites. I had to draw a line, or go mad! I blog and I tweet and that’s about it. Also, I have an iPad and I read blogs in bed. Did you read the post about the Greater Twittering Blog-Face? 😉

        • I did, and smiled. I’ve kept that post! I also have a very supportive bh. I actually like the idea of Pinterest but haven’t really looked into it yet. Perhaps at the end of next month when my daughter comes home from uni – we thought we might explore it together. Sporadically, I tweet but it doesn’t feel natural. I need to find out more about this WordPress reader, but might wait until one of my more tech savvy family is free to help. I get lost so easily!

  2. Imelda, congratulations on your awards! I am honored that you have nominated me! Thank you so much! I am thrilled and excited to receive these news on this Saturday evening, as I nursed a cup of coffee and sighed over the news of the cancellation of one of my favorite tv shows. Indeed, your award has served to lift my spirits! Karate? Really? Good for you! 🙂

    • Hi Bella! Glad it made you happy! Your blog makes me smile. And yes, I am Karate Woman. Being a person of substance, I look like a teletubby in pyjamas doing it, but it’s doing wonders for improving my balance, damaged by old injuries.

  3. Imelda congrats on receiving the Versatile Blogger Award and thank you for your enthusiastic nomination of Book’d Out. I really appreciate you thinking of me and I have been happily following the links to other blogs you nominated, finding some new ones to follow. Good luck on your grading this week!

    • Thanks Shelleyrae! I meant it, I think you are amazing. I am just not good at book reviews, so I am in awe of your skill. You are a true friend to authors and I love you for it!

  4. Imelda, congratulations on your awards. It’s easy to see why you won. And thanks for sharing the versatile blogger award with me, I’m honored. and very glad you enjoy my blog. Your comment about my blog is very true – I started it as a writer but it evolved into material I know so well and enjoy sharing. I’m glad it’s valuable for you in creating characters. I’m with you too – no pinterest or google + for me. blogging, FB and a bit of twitter keeps me very, very busy.

  5. Congratulations! And well deserved. I don’t know where you get the time to look at all these blogs even with a wordpress thingy, let alone write a post every day. Where can this wordpress blog thingy be found BTW?

    • I think you need to have WordPress blog to use the reader – or maybe you don’t? If you Google WordPress, you will get the front page, which highlights many WordPress blogs. Since I have one myself, I can ‘follow’ the ones I want to keep up with and the new posts from them pop up in my reader. I don’t read every post from every blog, but that way I can at least check fairly regularly what they are up to.

  6. Bonjour madame. Well your blog is very entertaining so well done. If you like surreal humour and general oddness then I hope you check my blog, too! I sent you a tweet a while back, I think you dismissed it as “some maniac”. Well I hope I’m not. You may remember me from such films as, 3D Printers Can Print The Best 3D Cheese, What Happened To My 3D Printer?, Oh, There It Is Underneath The 2D Printer!, Where Am I?, and, Melbourne Hosts An Interesting Grand Prix.

    • But no, Mr Wapojif, I did not! There was a picture of cheese, if I recall? I was strangely interested and yet… perhaps it was lost in the mists of the ether? Or time? The universe is full of strangeness. But I have remedied the oversight now! Thanks for coming to visit and follow me up monsieur. Bienvenue! 😉

  7. Pingback: Aww… shucks, you guys. « rileysrandomreview

  8. I can’t picture you as a blonde… why is that? Going to need photographic evidence. Lovely list of Blogs and congratulations on your awards! You’re a lovely shining spirit with a keen mind and you deserve it all, Ms Im.

  9. Thanks for the nomination and for the very lovely write up. This blogging caper has opened my eyes to a lot of wonderful, inspiring people who expose me to new and interesting things. And so, it’s more appropriate that I thank you for your contribution to this space.

    And good luck with your grading! Knock them … over! … or something.

    • Thank you! I do enjoy your blog, especially your magnificent food photos. it’s a real skill, I have discovered, since trying to do it! I hope I won’t knock anyone over, because at my level, (rank beginner) that’s considered bad form, but I appreciate the wishes! 😉

  10. OMG! “Omni-beveragal”–>That has to be my favorite food label ever!! ^_^ Thanks for the tag! Even though I’ve been given the award before, I still appreciate the lovely gesture! xoxo

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